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Agriculture Programs

An applied science degree in Agriculture gives you the skills and knowledge to go directly to work after graduation whether you want to start your own business, go back to your home operation, or work in another field within the ag industry.

Sheridan College puts a high priority on course work and internships that provide hands-on experience so you are ready to puts those skills to use immediately. Faculty have years of experience in their fields and are passionate about connecting students with local businesses and internships.

Earning an Associates of Applied Science degree in Agriculture will prepare you to start your career in agriculture. As a student, you will take foundational classes across all agriculture disciplines then you tailor your course of study to your interests and career goals.

Learn from highly respected and dedicated faculty members blending hands-on experience and concepts in a small class size setting.

Agricultural Business students have the opportunity to study in one of the leading agriculture education facilities in the region, the Mars Agricultural Center at Sheridan College, featuring the commodities trading classroom bring industry experience industry into the classroom.

Classes include agriculture marketing and sales, accounting and agriculture microeconomics.

Earning an Associate degree in Agriculture Business allow students join the workforce with an increased understanding and skillset following graduation or transfer to four-year universities to pursue four-year degrees.

Agritourism provides a cutting-edge option for students looking to enter the agricultural industry or return to a home operation and increase business viability through an alternative enterprise while maintaining the cultural heritage.

The Agritourism Certificate provides graduates the skills necessary to enter careers as Agritourism enterprise managers, entrepreneurs in their own enterprise, non-formal educators serving as developers of educational activities and programs for recreational sites, national parks, private farms or ranches and local or state tourism agencies. There has been a trend in the “farm to table” agricultural education and tourism industry with opportunities to partner with the hospitality industry.

Are you interested in working with animals?

Our Animal Science Program gives you the scientific background and skills you need to pursue a rewarding career within the livestock production, veterinary, or research fields.

NWCCD’s partnerships with regional universities allow students to graduate with associate degrees and transfer to pursue bachelor’s degrees or find a job following graduation.

Do you like working with horses?

From work horses and rodeo horses, to show horses and race horses, farriers have opportunities to assess leg health and common foot problems and change horseshoes on a variety of horses.

You will practice horseshoeing and gain a fundamental understanding of horse anatomy and physiology, preparing you as an entry-level farrier.

The Farrier Science program provides hands-on, real-world training to students.

Prepare for a variety of careers and further education with a degree in General Agriculture. This program is uniquely designed to provide students with a solid foundation in general agriculture, and it provides a clear path for students interested in pursuing a career teaching in the agriculture field.

Field and lab research, livestock and rangeland management, and food production are all key parts of agriculture science careers.

The majority of our students continue on to four-year colleges and universities. We work closely with these schools to make the transfer process as seamless as possible. Graduates in the Ag Sciences are highly sought after by both the private and public sectors.

The Plant Sciences AS degree engages students in the study of the relationships between plants, soils, insects, animals and humans.

Students will learn the science and cultural practices necessary for successful crop production, landscape management and restoration.

The hands-on curriculum will give you the opportunity to work with plants in state-of-the-art facilities and greenhouses.

This degree will prepare students to pursue a career or transfer degree in horticulture, agroecology, agronomy, weed science, restoration ecology or related disciplines.

Are you interesting in working in ranching, agriculture or land management?

NWCCD’s Associate of Science in Rangeland Management at Sheridan College and Gillette College is rooted in applied management and ecology and features a hands-on, outdoor-focused curriculum.

Learn from award-winning faculty and leading industry professionals, preparing you for a career in natural resources.

You will spend time in the field, researching and learning from faculty members, as well as national, state, and local agencies, that partner with NWCCD to help our students learn what it takes to be successful.


“The commodities trading classroom in the Mars Ag Center, combined with great instructors, beautiful community, and affordable price made it an easy decision.”

Calli DixonLewistown, MT

lauren anderson, agriculture student

“The facilities are great, but what really got me here were the instructors. They are outstanding and willing to help you in whatever you choose.”

Lauren AndersonWorland, WY


The Mars Agriculture Center provides a diverse space to serve students across the Agriculture programs. This top-notch learning environment, along with proximity and access to a thriving agricultural region, sets the Sheridan College Ag programs above any other community college.

The Mars Ag Center allows for more experiential agricultural learning with features such as an animal science lab, a soils and agroecology lab, an herbarium, a teaching greenhouse, a computerized commodities trading floor classroom, and other high-tech classrooms.

The one-of-a-kind commodities trading center is the only classroom like it at any community college in the nation.


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Acres of Field Laboratory space


Square-Foot Mars Agriculture Center



Student-Managed Greenhouses


Director of Agriculture Mae Smith

Mae Smith

Agriculture Program Director

Ami Erickson Sheridan Wyoming Agriculture Faculty

Ami Erickson

Agriculture Faculty

Angel Sparkman Ag Business Instructor

Angel Sparkman

Agriculture Business Instructor

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