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Community Interest Classes

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Community Interest Classes

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Community Interest Classes

Never Stop Learning

Community Interest Classes at Sheridan College provide opportunities to dive deep into your personal interests. These classes deliver unique experiences that will feed your curiosity in a wide variety of areas including art, music, outdoor activities, and cultural topics.

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Classes Starting March 13

8 Weeks, 3/18 – 5/6
5:15 pm – 7:15 pm, Mondays
Location: Sheridan College W154

HIST-1950-01 (1 credit)
Instructor: Sprague, D.
Cost: $161 (WY resident) + $20 lab fee

This course is a survey of the history of American art ranging from traditional tribal art to contemporary American Indian art. There are two options within the course for students to choose from. Option 1 is the history of American Indian Art and does not require the work on any art projects. Option 2 involves the learning of techniques of American Indian art projects and the completion of art projects.

8 Weeks, 3/14 – 5/9
6 pm – 8:30 pm, Thursdays
Location: Sheridan College W208

ENTK-1950-01 (1 credit)
Instructor: Berens, J.
Cost: $161 (WY resident) + $35 lab fee

The Architectural Sketching class explores fundamental sketching concepts and principles essential for drawing and design. Beginning and advanced skill levels will acquire useful tips and techniques to create realistic and expressive drawings. Students will learn the basics of drawing such as perspective, proportion, shading, texture, and composition, as well as how to draw architectural and design themes. The class examines various hand drawing techniques using different mediums including pencils, watercolors, protractors, and digital art using the Concepts App with stylus pen with an iPad.

8 Weeks, 3/14 – 5/9
6 pm – 8 pm, Thursdays
Locations: Sheridan College W153

OEAC-1950-01 (1 credit)
Instructor: Krumm, R.
Cost: $161 (WY resident) + $10 lab fee

This course allows students to develop the skills necessary to experience fly-fishing in their own lives. Lessons will include a discussion of basic gear, essential safety techniques, and an introduction to the fundamental skills essential to the activity. Students will also examine outdoor ethics and any specific license requirements related to the activity. Topics related to this course will vary according to the specific activity. No experience necessary, but students will need to own a valid Wyoming fishing license for field trips. Supplies Needed: Fly rod (recommended).

8 Weeks, 3/19 – 5/7
6 pm – 7:50 pm, Tuesdays
Location: Sheridan College W107

ART-1950-01 (1 credit)
Instructor: Dugal, R.
Cost: $161 (WY resident) + $25 lab fee

This course will cover making ceramics in a studio environment. Demonstrations and hands-on instruction will have you creating cups, bowls, mugs, and whatever your imagination can dream up! No experience is necessary; faculty will teach you all you need to know.

8 Weeks, 3/19 – 5/7
6 PM – 7:50 PM, Tuesdays
Location: Sheridan College, Golden Dome 123

PEAC 1950-01 (1 credit)
Instructor: Jensen, M.
Cost: $161 (WY resident)

Self-defense teaches students how to use preparedness, awareness, and movement to avoid danger and violence. The course covers such topics as risk and threat assessment, recognizance, surveillance, situational and cultural awareness, tactical driving, and physical defense against attack.

8 Weeks, 3/13 – 5/8
5:15 pm – 7 pm, Wednesdays
Location: Sheridan College Mars Ag Center Rm. 191 & Greenhouse

AGRI-1950-01 (1 credit)
Instructor: Erickson, A.
Cost: $161 (WY resident) + $50 lab fees

Have you wanted to start seeds for your vegetable or flower garden in the spring, but you are not sure where to start? In this course, you will learn strategies to start seeds so that plants are ready to transplant into your garden once the snow has stopped. We will explore basic techniques and some advanced techniques in plant propagation. Growing media, containers and greenhouse space will be provided. Supplies Needed: Potting soil, Growing Containers, Seeds, Rooting Hormone, Fertilizer.

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Classes Starting March 13

8 Weeks, 3/19 – 5/7
6 pm – 8:45 pm, Wednesdays
Locations: Buffalo SCJC, Room 101

OEAC-1950-50 (1 credit)
Instructor: Buhr, R.
Cost: $127 (WY resident) + $20 lab fee

This introductory course will provide students with the basics to help them learn or improve their Fly-Fishing skills and techniques. The course will cover topics such as aquatic insects, trout behavior, consistent casting, fisherman safety, riggings, reading water, and basic knots.

8 Weeks, 3/19 – 5/7
6 pm – 8:45 pm, Tuesdays
Locations: Buffalo, SCJC Room 103

PHTO-1950-50 (1 credit)
Instructor: Wing, L.
Cost: $127 (WY resident)

Wanting to take that perfect picture? Then this is your course. In this class, you will learn how to work a digital camera, take the right picture, and then crop, edit, and even print. This class is both for beginners and seasoned photographers.

Supplies: Students should bring their own digital DSLR camera.

8 Weeks, 3/13 – 5/10
4 pm – 6 pm, Tuesdays
Locations: Buffalo SCJC, WBA

PEAC-1950-51 (1 credit)
Instructor: Ashley, D.
Cost: $127 (WY resident) + $40 lab fee

This course will give students a comprehensive understanding of the sport of golf, including lessons on the business, industry, course, equipment, and skills needed to enjoy and appreciate golf.

8 Weeks, 3/13 – 5/10
6 pm – 8 pm, Tuesdays
Locations: Buffalo SCJC, WBA

PEAC-1950-52 (1 credit)
Instructor: Mora, P.
Cost: $127 (WY resident)

This course will provide students with an understanding of dance form and technique for these “spot dances,” including a brief history of the dances prior to learning the basics. This course will cover the Cowboy Cha Cha (2 sessions), Bachata, Nightclub Cha Cha, Nightclub Two-Step (2 sessions), and Cumbia Line dances with Latin flavor.

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