NWCCD Testing Centers

Northern Wyoming Community College District offers testing opportunities at both Sheridan College and Gillette College. Our testing centers proctor a wide range of tests for many different testing areas. Please contact one of our offices today for more information.

Sheridan College

Gillette College

Tests Offered

The ACT is an achievement exam, that measures what a student learned in high school, and it is commonly used in placement of college courses. The ACT measures five academic areas: English, mathematics, reading, science, and an optional writing test. Sheridan College is a nationally certified testing site for the ACT, offering many testing dates throughout the year.

Please visit the ACT website at www.actstudent.org for more information and to register for a test date.

The Accuplacer exam is a placement exam that assesses the student’s ability in math and reading. It is not a pass/fail exam, nor is it timed. All first-time students are required to show their placement levels in math and/or English by taking the Accuplacer exam, or by providing sufficient ACT scores. Student transferring in math and English college-level credits may not have to take the placement exam. If you are a transferring student, you must show proof of a completed math and/or English class on an official college transcript.

High school students who have taken the ACT, and scored at least an 18 in English, will not need placement testing. Those who score 21 in the ACT math may be eligible to take Level 3 math classes. An ACT score of 23 is required to start at Level 4 math.

Important Accuplacer Information

  • Scores are good for three years, and students may send scores from another institution if they have them.
    • Scores that are sent in for English placement, must be Reading Comprehension. Sentence Skills is not accepted
  • Students are allowed to test three times per registration period: three attempts each of math and reading comprehension
  • Accuplacer exams cost $10.00 each
  • Testers are permitted to use a scientific calculator

Remote Testing

Remote testing is an option for those who are testing at other locations. To schedule a remote test, please contact Advising Services at 307-675-0100 or via email at testingcenter@sheridan.edu

ASE promotes excellence in auto repair and service, by providing certification exams for over 300,000 automotive professionals nationwide. Sheridan College is a certified testing site for the ASE exams.

For more information about ASE Exams and to register for exams, please visit www.ase.com

To schedule exams at Sheridan College, please call 307-675-0100

Castle Worldwide provides testing to certification and licensing organizations, corporations, educational institutions and many other associations. Castle offers multiple delivery methods for testers, such as internet-based testing, paper and pencil based testing and online proctored exams. They also provide sample practice exams to familiarize testers with the exam process and layout.

Sheridan College Testing Services is a certified testing location for Castle Worldwide, and provide flexible testing dates for community members.

Visit the Castle Worldwide website for exam information, registering, and scheduling an exam.

Castle Worldwide website

Castle Worldwide exams are currently only offered at the Sheridan College campus.

CLEP examinations cover material taught in courses that most students take as  requirements in the first two years of college. A college usually grants the same amount of credit to students earning satisfactory scores on the CLEP examination it grants to students successfully completing the course.

Important CLEP Information

  • Each exam is approximately 90 minutes long and is primarily made up of multiple choice questions. Some exams do have fill-in or essay requirements.
  • CLEP tests are computer-based.
  • Credits earned DO NOT substitute for credit hours required for Financial Aid or Scholarship requirements.
  • Tests are $87.00 per exam, paid to CLEP during registration.
  • An additional $20.00 is paid to Sheridan/Gillette College for the test administration fee.
  • Registration is done through https://clep.collegeboard.org/started. Testers are then required to contact the testing center.
  • An unofficial score report will be printed, once the student is done testing. Additional test scores can be requested at www.collegeboard.org/clep.
  • Upon registration, testers can choose to have a transcript sent to the school of their choice.
  • Credits appear on transcripts only.
  • Students with documented disabilities must make arrangements in advance with CLEP and the testing center.
  • Valid, government ID is required at the time of appointment. Accepted IDs can be found on the CLEP website at: https://clep.collegeboard.org/exam-day-info.
  • Exams that require a calculator will have the calculator option built into the test.

To schedule exams at Sheridan College, please call 307-675-0100.

Comira provides computer-based licensure, certification, assessment and educational exams. Sheridan College is one of over 500 testing centers, nationwide, dedicated to providing a convenient and friendly testing environment for all testers.

Visit the Comira website for more information, registering, and scheduling an exam.

Comira Website

Comira exams are currently only offered at the Sheridan College campus.

In addition to Pearson Vue’s GED program, the Wyoming High School Equivalency Certificate program office has approved the HiSET (High school Equivalency Test) as and additional option for individuals to complete their high school equivalency certification.

Individual’s ages 16-17 years old must fill out an age-waiver application and go through the Center for College and Career Readiness. Otherwise, all individuals must be 18 years old to take one of the assessments.

Visit the Center for College and Career Readiness website for more information.

Visit the Wyoming Community College Commission Website for more information about high school equivalency in Wyoming, or to order a transcript, visit www.commission.wcc.edu.

Current Testing Options

GED: computer-based only

  • $120
  • Register & pay online
  • Testing occurs according to the schedule that Sheridan/Gillette Colleges provide to Pearson Vue
  • To register & pay online, and for more information, visit www.gedtestingservice.com

HiSET: computer-based & paper-based

  • $70
  • $20 of total test fee paid to Sheridan or Gillette College
  • $50 of total test fee paid to HiSET at time of registration
  • Register and pay online
  • More information about the HiSET can be found online at: www.hiset.ets.org
  • Information, study guides, research about HiSET, and other materials can be found in the HiSET Download Library

Pearson VUE provides high-stakes testing to millions of people a year in licensure, certification and academic testing. They have over 5,100 test centers in 175 countries across the globe, and they are an award-winning company providing excellent testing services since 1994.

Sheridan College and Gillette College Testing Services offers the Pearson VUE exam every Thursday. Visit the Pearson VUE website for more information about each exam, registering, and scheduling.


The Praxis exams are taken by individuals who are entering the teaching profession and need certification required by their state licensing organization. The exams are computerized exams administered in the Sheridan College or Gillette College Testing Centers, and monthly testing dates are provided to accommodate individual’s schedules.

The Praxis website provides information about each exam, study material, and practice exams. Visit the Praxis website for more information, registering, and scheduling: www.ets.org/praxis.

PAN provides employers with quality training and measurement solutions, for the purpose of creating a high-performance work environment.

For more information, and to register and pay, please visit www.panpowered.com.

PAN exams are only offered at the Sheridan College campus.