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Focus2 Career
FOCUS2 CAREER is an online interactive, self-guided career and education planning system designed to help you make decisions about your future career goals and education plans.

FOCUS2 CAREER will guide you through an interactive process that will:

  1. Assess your career planning readiness, work interests, values, skills, personality type, and leisure time interests.
  2. Broaden your career options and discover occupations matching your personal preferences and attributes.
  3. Discover and explore career fields, majors, and training programs that are best for you.
  4. Plan a career and educational pathway that will support your personal needs and goals.

How much time do it take to complete?

For the first-time, you can expect FOCUS 2 CAREER to take around 1-2 hours. Of course, you can spend as much time as you need. My Career Planning Readiness & Self Assessments of FOCUS 2 CAREER can usually be completed in approximately 30-45 minutes. FOCUS 2 CAREER has up-to-date, detailed information about over 1,000 different occupation choices and majors.  A good strategy is to use FOCUS 2 CAREER, then think about your results and discuss your ideas with your academic advisor, and then return to use FOCUS 2 CAREER as an ongoing resource.  You can use FOCUS 2 CAREER throughout your academic years and as an alumnus.

Job Posts

Employer Job listings are posted electronically in the Career Café Job Board and posted on the Job Boards outside of the Human Resources office in the Griffith Memorial Building and the Career Café in the Whitney Academic Center. Check often as job postings are updated regularly as we get information from employers.  If employers are interested in posting their jobs at Sheridan College, please contact Karen St Clair at 307-675-0105 or

Career Resources

The Career Café located in the Whitney Academic Center houses a small variety of career resources including up-to-date Salary Survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, resources on resumes and cover letters, and workplace trends.

Career Planning Workbook

Are you undecided about what major to go into or what career to explore?  You are not alone.  Many new college students start as undeclared majors or as General Studies majors.  Did you know, up to 80% of students change or consider changing their majors before earning a degree.  And career planning is life planning.  Your career decisions affect your lifestyle, your health and your overall sense of satisfaction and happiness.  Or the average American worker will change careers four or more times over the course of their lives.

We have created the Career Exploration and Planning Workbook to provide you with more information about yourself, more information about careers, and more information about the degrees available to you here at Sheridan College.  You can stop by Advising Services and pick up a copy of the Career Exploration and Planning Workbook.  You can also make an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss the information in more detail.

The Career Exploration and Planning Workbook is divided into five parts.  Each part has an assessment with some self-reflection journaling.

  1. Self-Assessment
    The first step in making good career decisions is self-assessment, or simply learning more about you. This includes speaking with an academic advisor and taking the Focus2Career online career assessments or using the assessments/resources in this workbook.
  2. Occupational and Majors Research
    Gather information on specific career fields and academic majors to determine which options match your self-assessment results from the previous step. This step is vital to ensure not only a good fit but also that you have a realistic picture of the opportunities and challenges that are available to you.
  3. Making Decisions
    Using the “DECIDES” model in this workbook will help you to make your decision regarding your career and academic goals.  Do this exercise with the assistance of an advisor or trusted friend.
  4. Goal Setting and Taking Action
    This step will help you make your vision a reality.  You will learn to make decisions, set goals, and develop an action plan.
  5. Review and Make Adjustments
    You will undoubtedly learn more about yourself as well as your chosen major and field while you are in college.  Some of this learning will take place through trial and error. Periodically review and evaluate where you are in relation to your goals and how much you are enjoying each step.  This process will assist you in knowing when to make adjustments, change your mind, or gather more information.  Do what you need to keep going in the right direction for you.

Resume Reviews

Students are encouraged to bring in their resume and meet with an advisor to have their resume reviewed.  Obtain feedback on suggests for structure and layout, wording, and design.  We offer templates and tips to create eye-catching, impression lasting resumes.  For more information, make an appointment with Karen St Clair, Academic Advisor.  307-675-0105,

Job Shadow Program

Do you really want to be an accountant?  Or a welder? How about a teacher?  Or have a career in rangeland management?  Our Job Shadow program provides Sheridan College students an opportunity to explore career interests with an employer in the area.

Sheridan College Advising Services is pleased to offer job shadow experiences as a new Learning and Professional Development opportunity. Job Shadowing is open to students at Sheridan College. This job shadow program has been developed to give students an opportunity to spend a day shadowing a professional in career fields they are interested in.  Students will immerse themselves in a typical work day, so they can learn about the industry, observe an employer in their environment performing their role and interacting with staff; connect with other professionals, and decide if their chosen career is a good fit based on their personal interests and career goals.

What is job shadowing?

Job shadowing is a short-term, usually one day, experience that allows you to learn about a career you’re interested in. By observing or “shadowing” a professional, you can gain exposure to a field, ask questions, and understand the responsibilities, knowledge, talents and skills the job requires.  The Job Shadow Program provides students the opportunity to explore career paths and options, experience a professional work environment, connect with professionals in their career field of interest, and observe skills and job tasks related to their career field.

Important Information for Students

  • Students are matched on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Program Date:  It is our goal to have your job shadow experience occur on a rolling basis, based on when a student submits an application and completes the Canvas class.
  • Logistics:
    • Students will complete the Job Shadow Program application.
    • Students will be enrolled in a short Job Shadow Canvas Class with modules and a mandatory quiz at the end. If a student does not complete the mandatory quiz, they will not be able to participate in the job shadow program.
    • We will try our best to place every student interested in the job shadow program, however there is no guarantee that a student will be matched with an employer upon completion of the activities in Canvas.
    • Once placed, you are responsible for transportation, housing, and other logistics for this job shadow experience.  Be sure to consider these variables when you apply and schedule your job shadow.
  • Learning Opportunity:  You are not expected to have prior related experience to participate in this program because this is a learning opportunity.
    • Professionalism:  As a participant in the job shadow program and a representative of Sheridan College, you are expected to behave and communicate professionally.
    • Contact Advising Services by calling 307-675-0105 or emailing Karen St Clair, at with any questions you have.

A variety of workshops are offered free of charge to our students to help with academic success and career development and exploration. All students are invited to attend. Workshop topics include Note Taking Tips, Test Taking Tips, Resume Writing, Mock Interview Skills, Navigating the Career Fair, Networking, Choose a Major/Career, Job Search and many more.

Contact Us

For more information about any of the career services opportunities, contact:

Karen St Clair
Advising Services