NWCCD HUB Account Information

Welcome to the Northern Wyoming Community College District (NWCCD) HUB account activation and login page. The HUB is a collection of web pages allowing all NWCCD students and employees access by using single-sign-on. It is our main method of communication, information and access to systems NWCCD uses.

Recommended browsers to use: Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Firefox.

For questions about employee accounts, and/or password reset changes, click here for your answers.

Find services you can access in the HUB below. You can also access their sites directly with your NWCCD account credentials.

Need Help Activating your Student or Employee Account?

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. To activate your account.
    For Students: https://activation.sheridan.edu/Students/ActivateAccount
    For Faculty & Staff: https://activation.sheridan.edu/NWCCD/ActivateAccount 
  2. Wait at least 30 minutes for your NWCCD account to synchronize with the Hub https://livesheridan.sharepoint.com/
  3. Within 24 hours your email account will be activated.
  4. If you still have issues accessing your email account after 24 hours, please contact IT support by submitting a ticket https://helpdesk.sheridan.edu/support/home  or by calling 307-675-0555.

Forgot your Password?

Reset your password.

For Students: https://activation.sheridan.edu/Students/ForgotPassword

For Faculty & Staff: https://activation.sheridan.edu/NWCCD/ForgotPassword

Need to Update your Password?

When your password is about to expire you can update it using the link below:

For Students: https://activation.sheridan.edu/Students/ChangePassword

For Faculty and Staff: https://activation.sheridan.edu/NWCCD/ChangePassword

Need Further Help?

Please visit the Help Desk for further information.