Madison Clarke

Rangeland Management, Wildlife Biology

Recipient of Wyoming’s 2024 New Century Transfer Path Scholarship (only one awarded each year!)

Kodi Lybarger


Maddox Dube

Weekend Welding

Paige Maynard & Rylee Standish


Kenneth Raymond

Rangeland, Animal Science, Ag Business

Carlos Hernandez

Dental Hygiene

Sheridan College Feature Student Hector Martinez majors in Secondary Education

Hector Martinez

Secondary Education

Sheridan College

Hector Martinez’s parents immigrated to the United States as teenagers, fleeing violence and a lack of opportunities in Mexico. Now, as the first person in his family to go to college, it is his turn to face the unknown in pursuit of a better future.

Nursing Students Feature

Trae & Tyler Kaufmann


Sheridan College

“I think what is more attractive about being an RN… is the close relationship you develop with patients. You are at their bedside every day and actually get to provide care, not just solve a problem. You really get to make a real difference in their lives.”

Diversity at Sheridan College

Gaining Important Perspectives on Diversity

Sheridan College

Sometimes when we lack knowledge about different cultures, we are afraid of what we don’t know, and that causes us to act in a negative way. I think the more experiences like this we can give students, the more they will learn to be curious instead of afraid.”

Sheridan College Welding Student

Celsey Martin

Welding & Machine Tool Technology

Sheridan College

Celsey Martin’s dad taught her how to weld growing up on her family ranch near Shoshoni, Wyoming. She has since added machining to her skill set. “My education prepared me for my job, and I’ve found it pretty easy to pick up new skills as I need to.”

Machine Tool Students photo

Women In Tech

Sheridan College

If you walked around the Technical Education Center at Sheridan College at the end of last semester, you would have noticed a few more women hard at work behind the lathes, welding stations, and diesel engines than in the past.