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The Plant Cultivation and Landscaping Certificate will provide an opportunity for professionals, current students, avid gardeners, and other plant enthusiasts to gain skills in growing a variety of plant types used for food production or landscaping.  Students will receive hands-on training in plant identification, cultivation, propagation, management, and business practices.

Sheridan College puts a high priority on course work and internships that provide hands-on experience, so students would be ready to put those skills to use immediately. Our faculty have years of experience in their fields and are passionate about connecting students with local businesses and internships.

All students will complete an Introduction to Horticulture course and complete their experience with an internship. Students can also select course electives to meet their learning goals. They can focus on plant production with classes in greenhouse management and plant propagation, or they can focus on landscaping with classes like landscape design and management, and pesticide safety and application.

The certificate is 16 credits, and with proper planning, students may complete it in one year.

Why Sheridan College?

Learn through hands-on experiences and small class sizes from highly respected faculty.

Sheridan College recognizes that the nation’s food security relies on access and affordability to safe, quality protein sources and is actively growing programs to support the high-demand workforce.

Gain hands-on experience with our four student-run greenhouses and state-of-the-art Mars Agriculture Center.

The Plant Cultivation and Landscaping Certificate is an accelerated, affordable program, allowing you to work with qualified industry professionals while gaining a year of relevant experience.

World-Class Facilities

Students learn in one of the leading agriculture education facilities in the region, the Mars Agricultural Center at Sheridan College.

The Mars Ag Center allows for a better ag learning experience with features such as an animal science lab, a soils and agroecology lab, an herbarium, a teaching greenhouse, a computerized commodities trading floor classroom, and other high-tech classrooms.

Industry Outlook

A certificate in Plant Cultivation and Landscaping can lead graduates to jobs in every state, working as greenhouse and nursery managers, agriculture educators, golf and sports turf managers, and wholesale growers. Local businesses with job opportunities include Landon’s Greenhouse, The Powder Horn Golf Club, and the City of Sheridan.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts steady growth in the Plant Sciences field, with a 7 percent increase in jobs in agriculture and food scientists, as well as 11 percent job growth in grounds maintenance, from 2016-2026.

Faculty and Community

At Sheridan College, we have a rich tradition in Agriculture. Our institution began as an agriculture-focused community college in the late 1940s. Today, more than half a century later, our commitment to agriculture education is as strong as ever. We value agriculture education here and invest in our programs to help prepare you to succeed in today’s economy.

Our Agriculture faculty are enthusiastic, well-liked, and approachable. They will make sure you learn the foundational skills to pursue higher education or find a job following graduation. Sheridan College’s strong relationships with local and national industries in rangeland management, wildlife management, and agriculture present students with unique opportunities to expand their college experiences.

Careers and Opportunities

Sheridan College graduates have outstanding job placement rates, starting careers in a variety of fields. With a Plant Cultivation and Landscaping Certificate, you will be trained to succeed in numerous jobs, such as:

  • Greenhouse Manager
  • Extension Educator
  • Food Scientist
  • Nursery Manager
  • Plant Technician
  • Manager of Propagation (Garden Center)
  • Landscape Designer
  • Agriculture Business Administration
  • Greenhouse Manager
  • Park Management
  • Agriculture Educator
  • Golf and Sports Turf Management
  • Landscape Technician
  • Garden Manager
  • Sustainability Research Analyst
  • Floral Designer
  • Wholesale Grower
  • Research Scientist