Commitment to Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal law that prohibits sexual harassment and sex discrimination in educational programs and activities. Students, staff, and faculty have the right to pursue education — including in classroom and work environments, athletic programs, scholarships, and other activities — free from sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, and intimate partner violence.

NWCCD has a comprehensive policy and resolution procedure to respond to complaints of sex-based discrimination and sexual harassment. NWCCD’s policies and procedures also extend to students and employees at Gillette Community College District (GCCD). Any person at GCCD or NWCCD should contact any of the persons noted below to make a report or to better understand rights and options.

Please read the policy for more information: Sexual Misconduct Policy Governing Students and Employees

Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Any student or employee with questions or concerns about sex discrimination or sexual harassment, or who believes that they have been the victim of sex discrimination or sexual harassment, should contact one of our trained Title IX Coordinators for assistance. Our Title IX professionals are available to discuss options, explain college policies and procedures, and provide education on relevant issues. Making a report is different than filing a complaint.

  • You may file a report of sexual harassment and receive supportive measures. You can choose whether or not to file a formal complaint, which is where you would ask the Colleges to investigate and respond to the alleged behavior.
  • You can file a formal complaint right away and ask the College to investigate and respond to the alleged behavior. You will also receive supportive measures. To file a formal complaint, walk into the office of any Deputy Title IX Coordinator and tell them you want to file a formal complaint, OR email any of the Title IX team listed below and tell them you want to file a formal complaint, OR call/text the Interim Title IX Coordinator.
  • You can report, file a formal complaint, or do neither. If you choose to not file a report or formal complaint, the College won’t be able to respond to the alleged behavior.
  • At any time, you may contact law enforcement, and the Colleges’ Interim Title IX Coordinator or one of the Deputy Title IX Coordinators can assist and support you in doing so.

The Colleges strongly encourage anyone who experiences physical or sexual abuse to seek medical attention and to consider having evidence collected from your body that can aid in criminal and school investigations. Please proceed to one of the below hospitals, report to the emergency room, and tell the intake person that you have been the victim of physical or sexual abuse:

Sheridan Memorial Hospital
1401 West 5th Street
Sheridan, WY 82801
(307) 672-1000
Campbell County Memorial Hospital
501 South Burma Avenue
Gillette, WY
(307) 688-1000

Interim Title IX Coordinator

Adrienne Murray (This employee works remotely)
301-509-6504 (text or call)

On-Campus Coordinators

Sheridan College
Larissa Bonnet (She, Her, Hers)
Deputy Title IX Coordinator and Director of Campus Services
Location: Thorne-Rider Campus Center – Office 106B
Phone: 307-675-0511 (Office) / 307-752-7579 (Cell)
Gillette College
Ben Opfar
Deputy Title IX Coordinator and Risk Manager
Location: TEC Building – Office 200B
Phone: 307-681-6336

On-Campus Lactation Lounge Locations

Sheridan College
Lactation lounge for faculty, staff, students, or visitors is located in the Whitney Building, Faculty Office Wing 160B.
Gillette College
Lactation room for faculty, staff, students, and visitors is located in GCMN 171P.