Sheridan College adds another layer of security on campus


Sheridan College students will benefit from an added layer of security on campus starting this semester. Over the winter break, the College installed four blue light emergency beacons at strategic locations around campus. The beacons enable users to call 911 with the push of a button and enhance security measures on campus.

Each beacon has a red emergency button that when pushed calls 911. The police dispatcher can then speak directly with the person who enabled the emergency system to respond quickly and effectively.

Students and staff members already have access to NWCCD Alert, a free app that, like the blue light system, enables the user to easily call 911 in case of an emergency and delivers the person’s real time GPS coordinates to law enforcement if they are located on campus. While the app is effective, Police Chief Jason Vela says the beacon system is necessary due to the limitations of technology.

“Not everyone owns a smart phone and they can be lost, compromised or broken, especially in the case of an emergency situation,” Vela said. “The beacons add an additional layer of safety to ensure that law enforcement is always just a push of a button away.”

Installed by local company Comtronix, the blue lights are positioned so in general one is always within a persons’ line of sight no matter where they are on campus. Beacons were installed near the Bruce Hoffman Golden Dome, in front of South Hall, on the north side of Whitney Mall and on the north side of Whitney Center for the Arts.

“We designed the new system so that no matter where a person is on campus, they can easily get in touch with law enforcement,” said Vela. “I am proud to be able to provide our students and staff with this additional safety measure.”