Athletic Coaching Certificate from Sheridan College.

Athletic Coaching Certificate

Do you love sports? Do you see yourself pacing the sidelines, shaping athletes, or leading teams to championships? Sheridan College’s Athletic Coaching certificate of completion program is designed to meet the requirements from the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board. If you are interested in pursuing coaching as a full- or part-time career, you should enroll in this program.

The Athletic Coaching certificate of completion at Sheridan College will equip you with the credentials you need to start your coaching career. Students who complete this program apply for a coaching permit through the state. Following the successful completion of that process, you may pursue a variety of coaching positions. As a student, you will have the opportunity to observe and work with athletic teams for hands-on experiences.

Throughout this program, your instructors will cover a variety of related topics, including, sport psychology, injury prevention and care, theory of sport, diversity in coaching, technical and tactical skills, risk management, and ethics in coaching.

Why Sheridan College?

  • Our Athletic Coaching certificate meets the requirements from the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board.
  • Small class sizes, interactions with athletic teams and opportunities for active, hands-on learning in the coaching field are highlights for many students.
  • The program’s engaging courses are taught by local and experienced coaches from the high school and college levels.

Industry Outlook

The rise in participation rates in high school and college sports across the country has led to an increasing demand for coaches and scouts. With increasing enrollments and high schools offering more athletic opportunities and programs, coaches may find work in a variety of locations. Employment of coaches and athletic scouts, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, is projected to grow 13% from 2016-2026, adding 35,700 jobs across the country.

Faculty and Community

At Sheridan College, we have enthusiastic, experienced faculty who will guide you through our Athletic Coaching program. They will teach you the fundamental aspects of coaching professional and amateur athletes, from coaching theory to care and prevention of athletic injuries.

Sheridan College also has strong relationships with local, regional and national level coaches who bring their expertise to the classroom. As a student, you will be well prepared to start your coaching career.

To enhance your experience in the Athletic Coaching program, our instructors will guide you through the Scientific Foundations of Athletic Coaching course, which implements the American Sport Education Program’s industry-standard curriculum and principles to introduce you to the fundamentals and philosophy of athletic coaching.

Careers and Opportunities

Earning Sheridan College’s highly regarded Athletic Coaching certificate of completion will help launch your career in the coaching profession. As a coach, your duties and responsibilities may include:

  • Plan, organize, and lead practices
  • Teach techniques, rules, and sportsmanship
  • Analyze strengths and weakness of athletes and teams
  • Mentor, encourage, and shape athletes
  • Call plays and develop game plans
  • Manage sports statistics
  • Recruit new athletes