Moving Forward – Sheridan College’s Response to COVID-19

Sheridan College (SC) has and will continue to regularly review all safety guidelines and make appropriate changes based on the best interest of students, employees, and visitors.

Please note that the most recent updates can be found at All students, employees, and visitors to any SC location will be expected to follow all current health and safety-related guidelines.

General Guidelines

All college-sanctioned activities have returned to pre-COVID-governed levels. This means all in-person classes remain at full-capacity, on-campus housing remains at regular occupancy, and dining and common areas are available at full-capacity.

Health and Safety Protocols

SC will continue to monitor matters of public safety and recommend continuation of best practices, including:

  • Frequent handwashing,
  • Keeping living and learning spaces clean (wipes will remain available in all highly utilized spaces),
  • Utilization of vaccinations, and
  • Staying home if feeling ill.
    • Requirements when an individual has symptoms of illness.
      • COVID: Quarantine is still recommended whenever individuals display symptoms of illness. Following CDC guidelines, individuals have the option for some to only isolate or quarantine for five days rather than the full ten days. This includes wearing a tight-fitting mask while in public on days 6-10. For more information, go to
      • Self-screening is required. If a student, employee, or visitor has recently had direct contact with a person with a pending or confirmed case of COVID-19 or other communicable disease, and is feeling ill or experiencing any symptoms, they should stay home. Students should contact the Student Affairs Office at (307) 675-0123 and employees should contact the Human Resources Office at (307) 675-0571 for guidance regarding their specific situation.
  • Masks / face coverings are welcome, but optional.
    • There may continue to be additional safety-related requirements in certain academic disciplines, such as dental hygiene or nursing.
  • Public Safety Announcements will be shared when/if changes warrant a message and will be communicated by email.

If You Have Symptoms of COVID-19

If you have or develop symptoms of COVID-19, isolate yourself immediately and contact a health care professional. If you are awaiting results of a COVID-19 test if you have symptoms of illness please do not come to campus.

If you are a student, notify the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Sarah Aksamit, who will assist you with next steps; Call (307) 675-0123, or email

If you are an employee, contact Human Resources for further guidance; Call (307) 675-0571, or email

Vaccine Information

We can all positively influence this situation. We can practice good hygiene, voluntarily limit our exposure to large groups of people for extended periods of time, follow all safety and health guidelines, and get vaccinated. Statistically, vaccination is the most effective thing we can do in our continued efforts to keep COVID cases low. It is a simple process, and information can found at the links listed below:

Sheridan College

Public Health will take a brief recess from their Sheridan College campus location in GMB during the summer months. Vaccines on the Sheridan College campus are anticipated to be available again this fall.
– Wednesday 10am – 2pm  |  Walk-in, no appointment needed.  |  Griffith Memorial Building (Library building) Office 143.
– Thursday 10am – 2pm  |  Appointments – call 307.672.5186 and let them know you are an SC student.

Sheridan College in Johnson County

Gillette College