Emergency Notifications

NWCCD’s emergency notification system includes the use of many communication channels. In the event of an emergency, college officials will use all appropriate methods to alert students, employees and the public, including, radio, on-campus audible alert system, official college website, social media outlets and on-campus digital signage. Mass notification to staff and students will be achieved through the use of a text messaging service.

NWCCD Alert Me emergency notification system (by ReGroup): All College-issued email addresses will receive emergency notifications through our Alert Me system automatically. For individuals who would like to receive emergency text and voice messages as well, please follow these instructions to sign up:

To register a phone number:

  1. Go to: https://nwccd.app.regroup.com, or cut and paste: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/regroup-mobile/id1500420770. Choose the dark blue icon.
  2. Sign in using your NWCCD email and password,
  3. Go to the “person” icon in the upper right-hand corner, click on it, update your cell phone number and any other pertinent information and hit save.

To designate the types of messages you would like to receive, based on audience groups, please:

  1. Click on “Dashboard” once logged into Alert Me,
  2. Click on “Groups” at the top of the page. It will show you a list of pre-determined groups. Under “status” it will show you groups you are a default member of (which cannot be changed by you).
  3. Click on any groups you would like to join (you will receive messages targeted to any groups you join.