Transferring to Sheridan College

Do you have college-level credits you want to transfer to the Colleges of the Northern Wyoming Community College District (NWCCD)? We are here to help. Whether you took college classes in high school, are changing your career path, took a break from college, or are joining us from another college or university — transfer credit is accepted from regionally accredited institutions in the United States.

Students transferring to NWCCD must provide official transcripts from each college attended for evaluation. Unofficial transcripts may be used to assist advisors in degree planning and course selection. However, official transcripts are required be received two weeks prior to the start of term when transfer credits are used to meet course pre-requisites.

If you are a veteran of the US military you may qualify for credits by submitting your DD214 and Joint Services Transcript to NWCCD.

For more detail regarding transferring of credit, please visit our official Catalog site.

Transferring to Other Colleges

Are you looking to continue your education elsewhere? Degrees and credits earned at the Colleges of NWCCD are highly transferable.

  • Transfer Planning – Contact the Advising Office or your faculty advisor for help in picking a transfer school that will meet your goals.
  • Official Transcripts – In order to grant transfer credit, colleges and universities require official transcripts from the institution where the credit was earned. Therefore, if you earned credits at three colleges, you would need an official transcript from each college.
  • NWCCD Transcripts – Order official transcripts at  Next select the Order-Track-Verify button on the toolbar.  Select the Order or Track a Transcript.  Then select Northern Wyoming Community College District from the drop down menu.  The cost is $5 for electronic transcripts and $10 for paper transcripts.  Paper copies are limited to three.  A debit or credit card may be used.  The Records Office longer prints transcripts.

Transferring to the University of Wyoming

  • NWCCD has numerous 2+2 Plans that allow for seamless transition of all NWCCD credits when the student earns an NWCCD degree. These 2+2 Plans generally allow a student to transfer to UW in junior standing with all lower division requirements met.
  • NWCCD graduates with an AA, AS, or ADN have any unmet UW University Studies Program (gen eds) lower division requirements waived.
  • Transfer scholarships are also available for student that graduate and meet GPA requirements.

Please note “junior standing” does not mean that lower division major/program required course work is met or waived. It is primarily used to determine registration start date.

Articulation and 2+2 Transfer Plans

NWCCD has agreements with other schools to maximize degrees and courses that are transferable.