Dual and Concurrent Enrollment General Information

The Northern Wyoming Community College District, along with partners from K-12 education, strive to make as many opportunities available for high school students as possible.  High school students that earn college credit while still in high school have a great advantage moving into their college careers after they earn their high school diplomas. It is possible for a high school student to graduate with a college degree or certificate at the same time they are graduating from high school!

To Enroll as a Dual or Concurrent Student

You will first need to apply as a dual/concurrent high school applicant. Once you receive an email of your acceptance, then you can meet with your high school counselor to complete the Dual Registration form.

Contact Information

Joseph Mueller
Executive Director of Admissions Services
Sheridan College

Office: 307-675-0501

Shannon Henshaw
Assistant Director of Enrollment Services
Gillette College

Office: 307-681-6003

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent classes are taught at the student’s high school. To apply or enroll and/or to find out more, please contact your high school counselor.

  • Both high school and college credit is earned.
  • Participation is open to students grades 9-12.
  • A registration form must be signed for each new class.
  • Course available are dependent on high school offerings.

For Gillette College, download the Concurrent Enrollment Application, and checkout the Enrollment Checklist to help you along the way.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment courses are taught either online or in person by an accredited college instructor.

At Gillette College, Sheridan College and SC Johnson County, the cost of dual courses is unique for each community. Contact your local representative for more information.

  • Courses will transfer back to the high school, to fulfill graduation requirements.
  • Participation is limited to high school juniors and seniors unless BOCHES approval is obtained.
  • New dual students are eligible for 6 credit hours of courses their first semester of participation. If students pass all classes with C’s or better they are eligible for up to 16 credits in subsequent semesters.
  • The cost of books and supplies are the responsibility of the student.
  • Students must obtain high school approval, BOCHES approval, and approval from a college representative each semester to complete the dual enrollment process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dual Enrollment courses are taught by college faculty either online or at the college campus. Concurrent Enrollment courses are taught at the high school by an approved high school instructor.

To enroll in Dual Enrollment courses you must first be a junior or senior in high school. Then you must receive permission from your high school, the BOCHES director and with your Gillette College / Sheridan College representative. Once you have met with your designated college employee you will need to complete the necessary documents. All documentation and approvals will be required in order to register for any courses.

Guidance Counselors at your high school should have the list of courses that have been approved for Concurrent Enrollment, they are also listed in the course guide, otherwise you may contact your designated college employee.

There is no limit to the amount of credits a student is able to take as a Concurrent/Dual Enrolled student. BOCHES will pay for 6 credit hours of dual credit your first semester, and 16 credits for each following semester as long as you meet the required GPA. Any credits exceeding the BOCHES scholarship will be the responsibility of the student. For Concurrent Enrollment the credits are only limited by the number of courses offered and available to the student and their course schedule.

Dual Enrollment courses do require the student to purchase their own books and supplies. Tuition and fees are covered for the approved credits. If the student goes above their approved credits the responsibility of the tuition and fees are placed on the student.

There is no age requirement for Dual or Concurrent Enrollment courses. However, a student must be a junior or senior to take Dual courses unless they have approval from the BOCHES director. Most Concurrent Enrollment courses are during a student’s junior or senior year, however if a freshman or sophomore student is in the course they are allowed to earn college credit.

It is all dependent on what school you are transferring to as well as the degree program you choose. English and Math courses are typically required for any degree program so they will most likely transfer in. If you are planning on entering a welding program in college, a basic culinary course will count as an elective because it is not required for the degree.

The transfer of credits is up to the institution that you will be attending.

All that you need to do is request your transcript through http://studentclearinghouse.org. Click the “Order-Track- Verify” button -> Select “Order or Track a Transcript” -> Select “Northern Wyoming Community College District” from the drop down.

Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. It is best practice to schedule an appointment to ensure enrollment counselors are available.

With the rising cost of college education, and a growing importance to gain a college degree, Concurrent/Dual Enrollment courses provide an opportunity to get ahead without accruing a lot of the cost.