Earn your General Studies degree online at NWCCD.

General Studies

Majoring in General Studies offers an excellent way for you to explore a variety of college course offerings while building foundational knowledge of interdisciplinary subjects. A degree in General Studies can help prepare you for virtually any career.

Northern Wyoming Community College District (NWCCD) offers Associate of Art and Associate of Science degree options for students majoring in General Studies, which will prepare you to transfer to enroll in bachelor’s degree programs or enter the workforce with newly developed critical thinking skills. The NWCCD General Studies program is available in person and online.

NWCCD’s General Studies program offers excellent flexibility, allowing you to choose different paths of interests. You will learn high-valued skills that are in demand for companies and organizations nationwide, as well as gain a strong academic background if you decide to continue your education and transfer to a college or university.


  • Our General Studies program is available online.
  • With this degree, you can transfer to enroll in bachelor’s degree programs or enter the workforce.
  • Our graduates are well-equipped to work with teams, addressing issues and developing solutions for businesses and programs.

Industry Outlook

Businesses and organizations across the world seek college graduates who can work in teams, communicate effectively, take initiative, understand ethics, think critically, conduct research, analyze problems, and identify solutions. An associate degree in General Studies will give you those skills and more, helping you prepare for a career in an array of job fields.

Faculty and Community

NWCCD’s faculty are enthusiastic, dedicated, and committed to helping you identify your academic and career goals. As a General Studies student, you will have the opportunity to take courses across multiple faculty departments, from art to computer science, math to history. Our faculty will ensure you understand a variety of subjects and current topics to prepare you to transfer to a university or enter the workforce.

As a General Studies student, you will explore a broad range of elective courses, ranging from Earth Science to foreign languages like Spanish and French, all with the guidance of NWCCD’s expert, friendly faculty. Small class sizes will also allow you to gain individualized attention.

Careers and Opportunities

With the broad knowledge of interdisciplinary studies, critical thinking skills, and the ability to adapt to new tasks and fields, graduates with their General Studies Degree find jobs in virtually every industry. Many students use their General Studies backgrounds to pursue bachelor’s degrees or advanced training. An associate degree from NWCCD in General Studies will give you the skills and knowledge to join a career such as:

  • Store Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Project Manager
  • Consultant
  • Advertising and Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Event Planning
  • Media and News
  • Law Enforcement