Online Learning FAQ

The following FAQs are designed for students interested in completing their academic goals at Sheridan College. We strive to provide high quality academic, student, and technical support services for our online students. Additional information regarding the topics below and more can be found in the Online Student Guide.

Taking courses online requires a minimal set of computer literacy knowledge. General computer skills such as working in a Windows or Mac environment; File management skills such as navigating through files and folders; Word processing skills such as creating, saving, and printing documents; and Internet skills such as navigating the Web using a browser and using a search engine to find information.

There are so many devices out there today. From desktops to laptops to tablets to even smartphones, students can access their online courses with a variety of devices. The primary components you want to have for online courses at Sheridan College include quality speakers, microphone, Webcam and a good Internet connection.

If you are new to online learning or to our Learning Management System (LMS), it is expected that you complete one of the orientation to online learning options. The most popular online learning orientation is the self-paced orientation in our LMS. You can complete the self-paced orientation the moment you are admitted to the college and receive your system username and create your password. Current students may find more information about all orientation options on the NWCCD Hub.

You can access the Sheridan College Bookstore online to purchase your textbooks and other required materials.

Your instructor may send specific instructions to your College e-mail account prior to class; however, this is not customary. Access your e-mail account as soon as possible. You can e-mail the instructor and request a copy of the syllabus. Most instructors will not send much more than a syllabus prior to the start of the course.

Default access to your courses in our Learning Management System (LMS) is on the first day of the course as scheduled. Some instructors open access to their course(s) in the LMS prior to the first day of classes. If you do not see your class by the second day of your class, contact the Student HelpZone at 307-675-0229.

Access your courses in the LMS via the Canvas link on the NWCCD Hub. If you do not see your course listed by the second day of class, contact the Student HelpZone at 307-675-0229.