NWCCD Scorecard

Our Scorecard comprises seven essential high level measures of institutional health that also help track progress on our Strategic Goals. The goal of the Scorecard is to give a snapshot at a point in time. These high-level measures are produced by combining important data used in department and institution decision-making.

Our strategic goals are to:

  1. Increase the rate of earned graduation awards to 1,000 per year by 2020
  2. Improve student success by ensuring academic relevance for students, accelerating the pathway through developmental studies and improving student retention and completion
  3. Support community success by partnering with community leadership organizations to help grow the economy of our region and providing breadth and depth in cultural and intellectual opportunities for our communities
  4. Improve the work climate for all employees by building leadership capacity and effectiveness at all organization levels and achieving a high level of shared ownership and responsibility

Student Learning

Composite Learning Index

Certificates & Degrees Awarded

Student Success

Annualized Degree Seeking

Student Success

Employee Work

Work Climate

Private Fundraising
and Grants

Private Fundraising and Grants

Composite Financial Indicator

Composite Financial Indicator

Community Engagement