Goal 1,000

Goal 1,000 was established in 2010, when the college launched its updated strategic direction. The goal is a response to the national challenge regarding the number of adults educated beyond high school.

The Challenge

The United States once led the world in its proportion of adults educated beyond high school. Today we no longer lead, and there is a significant gap between employers’ needs and the education levels of working adults. Not all jobs require education beyond high school, but it is estimated that by 2020, 65% of jobs in Wyoming will require such training. Today only 34% of Wyoming adults have an associate degree or higher.

Our Goal

Northern Wyoming Community College District will do its share to fill this gap by producing 1,000 graduation awards per year by 2020. We will achieve this by improving the success rate of enrolled students and by increasing enrollments.

Our Strategy

We will foster engagement and shared responsibility with our students, our communities and our employees.