Campus Housing at Sheridan College


Are you interested in living on campus while attending Sheridan College? Our Department of Campus Life and Housing offers students several campus housing environments; from tight-knit communities to more independent living options. Nestled in one of the most beautiful settings in the world – at the base of the Bighorn Mountains – Sheridan College is proud to offer you safe and welcoming residential facilities.

  • Founders Hall houses 96 residents. It has a combination of single and double rooms.
  • South Hall houses 92 residents. It has in a combination of single and double rooms with some options of private bathrooms.
  • The North Halls (Crook, Kearney, Conner) house 87 residents in double rooms that enable the most tightly knit communities on campus.
  • The Whitney Villas/Lofts house up to 127 residents in a combination of single and double rooms in an apartment-style living environment.
  • Our Efficiency Apartments are a great option for students 26 years of age or older; or for married couples without children.

Founders, East & South Crook, Kearney and Connor Whitney Villas & Lofts Efficiency Apartment**
Double room $1,365 $1,250 $1,565 $2,550
Double room w/private bath $1,580 NA $1,800 $2,550
Single room $1,700 NA $2,020 $2,550
Single room w/private bath $1,910 NA $2,120 $2,550

* Rates are per semester. There is a $25 activity fee per semester unless living in the Efficiency Apartments.

** Efficiency Apartments are for students 26 or older; or for married students without children.

Campus Dining Options

We offer comprehensive meal plans for students living on campus with a variety of options to suit your lifestyle and preferences. Meal plans are required for students living on campus with the exception of students living in the Efficiency Apartments.

Living on Campus Helps Students Succeed

Higher grades – Studies* show that students who live on campus have a GPA that is nearly 1/10th higher than students who live off campus.

Community – Connect with your classmates and friends. Have constant access to support services like counseling, academic advising, and tutoring services.

Convenience – Save time and money. Live steps away from your classes, dining halls, computer labs, bookstore, gym, and library.

Security – Living on campus is a secure and comfortable alternative to an independent living arrangement, and is much more fun than living at home. Our residence halls are locked 24/7 and we have two full-time police officers living on campus.

*Studies done by Murray (2011) and Marchant (2012 )

Apply for Housing

Students must first be accepted to Sheridan or Gillette College, prior to applying for housing. Click here for admissions application.

The Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 Residence Hall application is coming soon!