Hathaway Scholarship (Wyoming H.S. Graduates)

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Education: The State’s Greatest Investment
The state of Wyoming has established a generous scholarship program in the name of former Wyoming Governor Stan Hathaway that provides an incentive for Wyoming students to prepare for and pursue post-secondary education within the State of Wyoming.  The program provides merit- and need-based awards to eligible students beginning with the high school graduating class of 2006.

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Hathaway scholarships are not entitlements and are subject to legislative appropriation.  The legislature has the authority to modify or terminate the Hathaway Scholarship Program at any time.

Hathaway Application

Applying for the Hathaway Scholarship at the Northern Wyoming Community College District’s Sheridan College or Gillette College is easy!

Follow this process and timeline:

  1. Complete the Hathaway Scholarship application.
  2. Supply a current copy of your high school transcript and ACT or SAT scores.
  3. Complete your admission file by supplying your final high school transcript to NWCCD’s Admissions Office upon graduation and provide any new test scores you may have.

The Financial Aid office will inform you of your Hathaway scholarship via your Financial Aid Self-Service account and email.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing after submitting the required paperwork (final official High School transcript showing your graduation date).

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Discover how the Hathaway Scholarship can help you by visiting the Hathaway Calculator.


Hathaway FAQs

No. The intent of the scholarship is, in part, to encourage students to pursue your education in Wyoming with hopes that you’ll consider pursuing a career here when you are done.

While the Hathaway Scholarship isn’t available to use out-of-state, students who attend an out-of-state School may come back within the two-year time period to an in-state institution and begin using their scholarship Students who initiated their scholarship before leaving Wyoming may also return and regain their eligibility if within the six-year window. Continuous enrollment requirements (at a WY institution) apply.

Students must apply for the Hathaway Scholarship within 24 months of their high school class’ natural graduation date. Students must begin using the scholarship within 28 months. For example, student graduates on May 24, 2015. He has until May 24, 2017 to apply and has until the following fall semester to begin using the scholarship. Exceptions may be made for documented military service or religious sojourns. Please contact Brenda in the Financial Aid Office for details.

The Hathaway Scholarship must be applied for within 24 months of your high school graduation date. However, exceptions may be made for documented military service or religious sojourns. Please contact Brenda in the Financial Aid Office for details.

To qualify for the Hathaway Scholarship, you must be considered a resident of Wyoming according to the Northern Wyoming Community College Districts residency policy which requires that a student’s parents live in Wyoming and/or the student graduated from a Wyoming high school.

At this time your SAT score can be converted to an ACT equivalent for consideration. Contact us: We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the Hathaway Scholarship. Please contact Brenda in the Financial Aid Office at bhaseman@sheridan.edu

High school graduates, HSEC recipients, and homeschool students all have different requirements for eligibility. Please visit https://edu.wyoming.gov/beyond-the-classroom/college-career/scholarships/hathaway/hathaway-scholarship-eligibility/ for additional information.

The Hathaway Scholarship is awarded each semester based on enrollment in 12 credits. If a student is enrolled in 6-11 credits, or is enrolled in a course numbered less than 1000 (eg Math 0920), the Hathaway Scholarship award amount will be prorated accordingly.

A FAFSA is not required to determine your Hathaway Scholarship eligibility. However, a need based award is available to qualifying students, but the FAFSA must be 100% completed before the financial aid office can determine if you are eligible for the need based portion.

Students must maintain a specific cumulative GPA, complete the credits they attempt, and remain enrolled every fall and spring semester once they begin receiving the scholarship. Please visit https://edu.wyoming.gov/downloads/hathaway/Regaining-Eligibility-Matrix.pdf to see what you need to do in order to regain the scholarship. Then visit http://www.sheridan.edu/admissions/financial-aid/hathaway-eligibility-recheck/ to submit the eligibility recheck form.

Students have 48 credits (or 4 full time semesters) to use the Hathaway Scholarship at a WY community college and an additional 48 credits to use at the University of Wyoming. If you want to transfer your scholarship to another WY community college or UW, please visit http://www.sheridan.edu/admissions/financial-aid/hathaway-transfer-request/ to submit the transfer request form.