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Are you interested in studying agriculture economics? How about farm ranch business management and agriculture marketing and sales? As a student in NWCCD’s Agriculture Business program, you will learn the foundations of business, as well as the fundamentals of agriculture, preparing you for your career in the industry. NWCCD offers Associate of Science and Associate of Applied Science degree options in Agriculture Business at Sheridan College and Gillette College.


Industry Outlook

New technology and regulations, as well as industry-changing dynamics, like climate change, globalization, and food sustainability, present Agriculture Business graduates numerous and wide-ranging job opportunities. NWCCD Agriculture Business graduates are working across the country, in a variety of business ventures both the private and public sectors.


Careers and Opportunities

Agriculture is a major part of Wyoming’s economy, as well as surrounding states, including Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska. With globalization and sustainability making the agriculture industry increasingly complex, Agriculture Business graduates can find a variety of career opportunities:

  • Agriculture business administration
  • Livestock management
  • Rangeland management
  • Government agencies
  • Sustainability research analyst
  • Marketing and sales
  • Family operations
  • Agriculture education


Agriculture Business students learn from industry-leading faculty and professionals.


Our Program

Highly respected and dedicated faculty members blend hands-on experience and concepts to help you learn Agriculture Business. As a student at NWCCD, you will have the opportunity to learn in one of the leading agriculture education facilities in the region, the Mars Agricultural Center at Sheridan College. The newly built facility features a commodities trading classroom for Agriculture Business students to experience the industry firsthand. Small class sizes provide further exploration of Agriculture Business topics, concepts, and research. Classes include agriculture marketing and sales, accounting and agriculture microeconomics.

NWCCD’s Associate degree options in Agriculture Business allow students join the workforce with an increased understanding and skillset following graduation or transfer to four-year universities to pursue four-year degrees. NWCCD partners with regional colleges and universities, including the University of Wyoming, to help students transfer to pursue Bachelor’s degrees.


NWCCD Agriculture Business graduates are working a variety of industries across the country. Where will you go?


Faculty and Community

At NWCCD, we have a rich tradition in Agriculture. NWCCD began as an agriculture-focused community college in the late 1940s. Today, more than half a century later, our commitment to agriculture education is as strong as ever. We value agriculture education here at NWCCD and invest in our programs to help prepare you to succeed in today’s economy.

Our Agriculture faculty are enthusiastic, well-liked and approachable. They will make sure you learn the foundational skills to pursue higher education or find a job following graduation. NWCCD’s strong relationships with local and national industries in rangeland management, wildlife management, and agriculture present students unique opportunities to expand their college experiences.



Learn about the state-of-the-art commodities trading classroom on the Sheridan College campus.


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