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Farrier Science

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Do you like working with horses? NWCCD’s Farrier Science Certificate of Completion at Sheridan College provides hands-on, real-world training to students. As a student in the Farrier Science program, you will learn from enthusiastic faculty and leading industry professionals, preparing you for a career as a farrier working with horses.


Industry Outlook

From work horses and rodeo horses, to show horses and race horses, farriers have opportunities to assess leg health and common foot problems and change horseshoes on a variety of horses. With ranches and rodeos prevalent and popular throughout Wyoming and surrounding states, including Nebraska, Montana, and South Dakota, farriers and their unique equine skillsets are in demand.


Careers and Opportunities

Many farriers are self-employed, creating and running their own businesses. To prepare for your work as a farrier, you will take the following courses at NWCCD:


  • Introduction to Farrier Science
  • Equine Anatomy & Locomotion
  • Practical Farrier Science

Research additional employment information by viewing this program’s gainful employment page.


You will experience hands-on opportunities to work with horses in one of the region’s leading Agriculture programs.


Our Program

In the NWCCD Farrier Science Certificate of Completion program, you will develop knowledge and skills in the current techniques required to maintain horse hoof and leg health, as well as troubleshooting common foot and shoeing problems. You will practice horseshoeing and gain a fundamental understanding of horse anatomy and physiology, preparing you as an entry-level farrier. Faculty encourage graduating students to complete the American Farrier Association’s Farrier Classification exam to become certified. The Farrier Science Certificate is an accelerated, affordable program, allowing you to work with qualified farriers and learn new skills in advanced workshops.


As a Farrier Science program student, you will learn techniques related to the anatomy of the hoof, leg and locomotion; proper horse handling on various breeds; and recognition of horse hoof pathology and conformation faults. You will also have the opportunity to interact with a variety equine veterinarians within the region and attend farrier clinics, featuring local, state, national, and international farrier professionals. Our Farrier Science Certificate of Completion program at Sheridan College will prepare you to complete the first level of national farrier certification.



NWCCD’s Farrier Science program can enhance your career and supplement your income.


Faculty and Community

At NWCCD, we have a rich tradition in Agriculture. NWCCD began as an Agriculture-focused community college in the late 1940s. Today, more than half a century later, our commitment to Agriculture education is as strong as ever. We value Agriculture education here at NWCCD and invest in our programs to help prepare you to succeed in today’s economy.

NWCCD Agriculture faculty are enthusiastic, well-liked and approachable. They will make sure you learn the foundational skills to pursue higher education or find a job following graduation. NWCCD’s strong relationships with local and national industries in rangeland management, wildlife management and agriculture present students unique opportunities to expand their college experiences.


Interested in working with horses in NWCCD’s Farrier Science program? Apply now!


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