Whitney Villas/Lofts

Whitney Villas/Lofts consist of 11 “houses” and 3 “Lofts” with one to five apartments in each. Each apartment has a full kitchen and furnished living areas in addition to a combination of single and double bedrooms. The Villas/Lofts are air conditioned, have Roku with Philo T.V. services and wireless internet. All residents of the Villas are required to purchase a meal plan. 

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Each room in the Whitney Villas/Lofts is furnished with an XL twin bed, desk, desk chair, closet or wardrobe for each resident.


Whitney Villas/Lofts provides a Roku with Philo Edu service in the main lobby.


The Sheridan College campus provides ample parking space for residents living on campus. Please review our parking rules & regulations and refer other questions to Sheridan College Campus Police office, 307-675-0250.


All rooms in the Whitney Villas/Lofts have wired and wireless internet.


There are bike racks placed around campus.  Bicycles may not be taken into the buildings or locked on porches. There are a limited number of bicycle lockers available for rent. There are also bicycles available for rent through the Innominate House.


Laundry facilities are located in each residence hall. Each resident is assessed a $30 laundry fee each semester which gives them access to as much laundry as they care to do.


All residence halls are locked 24/7 and require a key or a key card to access the building. Sheridan College has a Campus Police Department which employs 3 full time swore police officers and multiple part time officers. While Sheridan College is a safe campus, we encourage all students to take extra precautions to protect themselves and the community by locking their doors and not letting other people into the buildings.

Sample Floor Layout

Lofts Sample Floor Layout

360 Virtual Tour Images

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