Guernsey named NWCCD’s Innovative Educator of the Year

The Wyoming Distance Education Consortium has named Julie Guernsey, a full-time Gillette College nursing faculty member, the 2019 Innovative Educator of the Year for Northern Wyoming Community College District. Guernsey received the official award yesterday during the Wyoming Innovations in Learning Conference in Gillette.

WyDEC awards one faculty member nominated by each of the seven community colleges and the University of Wyoming each year. WyDEC is an advisory committee for the council of Academic Vice Presidents of the Wyoming Community College Commission.

This award recognizes exemplary educators who demonstrate a commitment to education by bringing innovative learning experiences to their students. They embed innovation in their instructional practice to create a collaborative, student-centered and active learning experience, thereby demonstrating connectedness with students and their learning.

“Julie always keeps her students and learning at the forefront of her work,” said Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Estella Castillo-Garrison. “Her innovative thinking is just what we need to engage our students and keep them moving forward.”

Guernsey has over 21 years of nursing experience in neonatal and maternal nursing. She has experience working with well babies to a level four neonatal intensive care unit in a children’s hospital. Neonatal nursing is her passion, and it was the teaching opportunities as a bedside nurse that led her to Gillette College.

According to her colleague Gwen Reed, “Julie is innovative and creative in her approach to teaching and in making the learning meaningful and applicable so that the students have an increased desire to learn. She continues to do research on evidence-based practice for each subject she teaches each semester to ensure that her students receive the latest information available.”

Guernsey has developed several programs that filled a void in the nursing program’s pediatric teaching. She uses multiple active learning projects to teach her material, including role-playing, simulation, projects, site preceptorships and various self-study projects to enhance the learning of students. Guernsey is also a Certified Nurse Educator, Certified Lactation Consultant and certified as a Low Risk Neonatal Nurse. Most recently, she is working with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing as a test item writer for the agency’s review courses.