Janet Feder

A genius guitar player with a lyrical heart, an instrumentalist with a compelling voice and a truly original offering, Janet Feder makes the seemingly disparate naturally coexist as she journeys ever more deeply into an aesthetic ideal all her own. Along with a number of close friends, all unique placeholders and pillars of The Denver Sound, Janet expands her musical lexicon while defining an otherwise elusive paradigm. This language is derived from the achievements of folk, jazz, pop, minimalism, classical, and the avant garde – and is simultaneously unmoored from the trappings of any of them.

She cut her baby teeth on folk and rock guitar then polished them with a passion for classical playing. In the early 1990’s Janet broke bad and began preparing her instruments; it’s on the baritone guitar where she most clearly recognized the sound of her own voice. After four critically acclaimed albums she now arrives fully and exquisitely realized in her most seminal work to date: T H I S C L O S E.

Invested in both timeless melody and relentless innovation, she opens T H I S C L O S E with Crows, on which her leaf-in-the-breeze voice is manipulated by analog tape and tubes to drive home hard-earned truths that match her music with often chilling accuracy. Here her prepared baritone electric is supported by Marc Dalio’s waltzing percussion and engineer Mike Yach’s unearthly distorted guitar soloing. While all six instrumentals and three vocal pieces on the album focus on different topics, overall there is a shadow, and deep within it lurks beauty, enlightenment and – especially in the songs – a profound and sometimes disarming honesty.

Adult – $35.00 Senior – $25.00 Student – $10.00 (K-12 Non-Sheridan College) Streaming – $20.00

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Feb 26 2021


7:00 pm


Whitney Center for the Arts


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