Amanda Malyurek featured as the Faculty Spotlight for November/December 2019

The Gillette College Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence is pleased to announce Amanda Malyurek as the Faculty Spotlight for November/December 2019!  In nominating Amanda for this recognition, Director of Nursing Louise Posten writes: “Many know that the Nursing Program adopted a new curriculum last year.  With that change, all of the faculty have had to step outside of their comfort zone and take on many new, challenging roles.  The entire nursing faculty bring unique and individual talents to our program. Each of them extraordinary in their own way.

This month, I would like to recognize the extra expertise and efforts given by one of our seasoned nurse educators, Amanda Malyurek.  Amanda started with the college in 2006 and worked in the nursing program until she left in 2018.  She missed teaching so much she rejoined us again this fall. 

Since her return she has taken on several additional responsibilities, most of them because of her passion for quality, nursing education principles, and her commitment to the students.  She is currently serving on the nursing testing committee and often takes on the role of district testing coordinator for the program. Her leadership competencies have led her to assume the role of course lead for NURS 1200 and NURS 2300 and she has recently been asked to sit on the newly established Institutional Review Board committee.

Amanda’s organizational and planning skills are exceptional, but what really brings distinction is her enthusiasm for teaching and positive student interactions.  She has high expectations for the students and is not afraid to push them to be their very best.  Students highly respect her and often return after graduating to commend her.  She has continued in this vein on her return and many students have approached me this semester to praise her teaching style in the class, lab and clinical settings.

She demonstrates excellent teamwork, goes out of her way to mentor others and is frequently volunteering to take on extra duties.  She has spent quite a bit of this semester mentoring faculty on test item writing, gathering course data for quality improvement, and pursuing her own continuous learning.  When a member of the team had an unexpected leave, she willingly picked up lecture content during a time when she was in the heart of her own busy semester.

The special knowledge and skill set Amanda brings to our team has been a blessing.  The entire nursing team welcomes her return!”