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Employee Directory

Here is a directory listing of faculty and staff:

Name First Name Last Name Phone Job Title Department
Aaron Bujans Aaron Bujans Facilities/Grounds Facilities
Aaron Odom Aaron Odom 307-675-0202 Financial Aid Counselor/Theater Coordinator Financial Aid
Abbey Woods Abbey Woods 307-675-0393 Dental Hygiene Instructor Dental Hygiene
Abigail Hurley Abigail Hurley Faculty CTE, Computer
Adam Fitzgerald Adam Fitzgerald Facilities Specialist CUST
Alicia Burr Alicia Burr Faculty-Instructor Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene
Alison Larsen Alison Larsen 307-675-0407 Faculty Dental Hygiene
Alyssa Wright Alyssa Wright 307-675-0313 Faculty Nursing
Amanda Malyurek Amanda Malyurek 307-681-6305 Faculty Nursing
Amber Weiss Amber Weiss 307-675-0825 Digital Learning Specialist Academic Affairs
Ami Erickson Ami Erickson 307-675-0544 Faculty-Assistant Professor Horticulture Agriculture
Amy Albrecht Amy Albrecht 307-675-0831 Director of Center for Vital Community Center for Vital Community
Amy Roe Amy Roe Facilities Specialist Facilities
Andrea Morgan Andrea Morgan 307-675-0810 Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Trustees Office of the President
Andrew Farrell Andrew Farrell Maintenance Technician Maintenance
Angel Sparkman Angel Sparkman Faculty Agriculture
Angela Oliver Angela Oliver 307-675-0241 Bookstore Manager Sheridan College Follet
Ann Meyer Ann Meyer 307-681-6305 Faculty Nursing
Ann Neary Ann Neary 307-681-6015 Testing Center Coordinator Advising
Anna “Katie” Egging Anna Egging Faculty-Instructor English HSSE
Arianna Prescher Arianna Prescher GEAR UP Coordinator of Student Success GEAR UP
Ashley Corkins Ashley Corkins 307-681-6301 Student & Administrative Coordinator of Health Sciences Nursing
Audrey Steinhorst Audrey Steinhorst 307-675-0572 Human Resources Generalist Human Resources
Beau Blackwood Beau Blackwood 307-675-0531 Chartwells - Dining Services Director Chartwells
Beau Corkins Beau Corkins 307-681-6272 Faculty-Assistant Professor Math/Stats Math
Billie Rae Charles Billie Rae Charles 307-675-0160 AE/ESL Faculty Center for College and Career Readiness
Brady Fackrell Brady Fackrell 307-675-0550 Assistant Vice President for Information Technology Services & CIO Information Technology Services
Brandi Martin Brandi Martin 307-681-6012 Academic Advisor Advising
Brenda Haseman Brenda Haseman 307-675-0203 Assistant Financial Aid Director Financial Aid
Brian Yeager Brian Yeager 307-681-6460 Veterans Advisor Veterans Services
Brittney Denham Brittney Denham 307-675-0233 Faculty-Assistant Professor Art Visual Performing Arts
Callie Fall Callie Fall 307-675-0574 Assistant HR Director / Payroll Manager Human Resources
Cami Archer Cami Archer Information Systems Analyst Information Technology Services
Cami Cunningham Cami Cunningham 307-675-0314 Faculty-Instructor Nursing Nursing
Cassidy Heili Cassidy Heili 307-675-0212 Institutional Research Analyst Institutional Research
Cassie Schwartz Cassie Schwartz Facilities Specialist Facilities
Cassiejo Allen Cassie Allen 307-681-6308 Faculty-Instructor Nursing Nursing
Cassy Penning Cassy Penning Dental Hygeine Clinical Substitute Dental Hygiene
Catherine Radach Catherine Radach 307-675-0335 Accounts Payable Specialist Business Office
Cathy Peldo Cathy Peldo 307-675-0403 Dental Hygiene Clinic Manager Dental Hygiene
Charity McKenzie Charity McKenzie 307-675-0721 Faculty Math
Chelsea Schulz Chelsea Schulz 307-681-6502 Assistant Director of Campus Life & Housing Student Affairs
Cheri Topping Cheri Topping 307-681-6309 Faculty-Instructor Nursing Nursing
Cheryl Wickum Cheryl Wickum Dentist/Sub DHYG
Chris Erickson Chris Erickson 307-675-0732 Faculty-Assistant Professor Music Visual Performing Arts
Chris Wenn Christopher "Chris" Wenn User Services Coordinator Information Technology Services
Christina Redman Christina Redman Welding Substitute CTE, Welding
Christina Rigdon Christina Rigdon 307-675-0113 Registrar Records & Registration
Cody Coon Cody Coon Supervising Dentist Dental Hygiene
Cora Wood Cora Wood Box Office / Front of House Assistant Academics
Courtland Roy Courtland Roy 307-675-0554 Computer Systems Administrator Information Technology Services
Craig Achord Craig Achord 307-675-0811 Vice President for Administrative Services & CFO Vice President, Administrative Services
Dana Cochran Dana Cochran 307-681-6274 Faculty-Instructor Math Math
Darryl Kurtz Darryl Kurtz Facilities Specialist Facilities
Dave Huebner Dave Huebner Graphic Artist Marketing PIO
David Brock David Brock 307-675-0232 Faculty-Assistant Professor Art Visual Performing Arts
Deborah Houston Deborah Houston Business Faculty Coordinator BAS
Deborah Isakson Deborah Isakson 307-675-0600 Conference & Services Coordinator College Services
Dee Davis Dee Davis 307-675-0702 Assistant Director of Scholarships and Foundation Affairs SC Foundation
Del Seville Del Seville 307-675-0441 Custodial Manager Facilities
Denise Scammon Denise Scammon 307-675-0150 Gear-Up Site Coordinator Enrollment Services, Gear-Up
Dennis Jacobs Dennis Jacobs 307-675-0414 Director of Marketing Marketing PIO
Diana Heeb Bivona Diana Heeb Bivona Business Faculty Coordinator Management & Leadership
Donovin Sprague Donovin Sprague 307-675-0591 Faculty History
Douglas Reitinger Douglas Reitinger 307-675-0175 Faculty English
Dr. Eric Richards Eric Richards 307-675-0733 Faculty Music
Duane Fischer Duane Fischer 307-675-0660 Faculty-Assistant Professor Diesel Skills Career and Technical Education
Edith Johnson-LaMeres Edith Johnson-LaMeres 307-675-0725 Interim Dean of CTE CTE
Effie Lewis Effie Lewis 307-675-0390 Faculty Dental Hygiene
Elizabeth “Anne” Gunn Elizabeth "Anne" Gunn 307-675-0790 Faculty-Instructor Computer Science Career and Technical Education
Elizabeth Maguire Elizabeth Maguire 307-675-0303 CNA Instructor Nursing
Elizabeth Niles Elizabeth Niles Library Specialist Library
Estella Castillo-Garrison Estella Castillo-Garrison 307-675-0819 Vice President of Academic Affairs Vice President
Ethan Boone Ethan Boone 307-675-0415 Digital Marketing Specialist Marketing PIO
Fay Bisbee Fay Bisbee 307-675-0301 Nursing Student Coordinator Nursing
Gena Toivonen Gena Toivonen Dental Hygiene Instructor Dental Hygiene
Gina Kidneigh Gina Kidneigh 307-675-0331 Assistant VP of Finance & Controller Business Office
Grace Henderson Grace Henderson 307-681-6501 Assistant Director of Campus Life and Housing Campus Life & Housing
Gwen Reed Gwen Reed 307-681-6306 Faculty Nursing
Harmony Wiard Harmony Wiard Admin Assistant ABE/GED
Heather Wofford Heather Wofford 3076816307 Faculty Nursing
Heidi Balster Heidi Balster 307-675-0201 Director of Financial Aid Financial Aid
Jacob Claytor Jacob Claytor 307-681-6341 MSHA Special Projects MSHA
Jacob Hirschman Jacob Hirschman 307-675-0362 Concert Hall Technical Director Art
Jade Roy Jade Roy Administrative Assistant Student Affairs
Jamel “Tehn” Forte Jamel Forte Library Specialist Library
James Cataline James "Jimmy" Cataline JC Adjunct HSSE/PSYC
James Elkins James Elkins 307-681-6244 Faculty English
James Gilbert James Gilbert 307-675-0561 Computer Specialist Information Technology Services
James Lollar James Lollar 307-675-0443 Assistant Director of Facilities Facilities
James Selcher James Selcher Supervising Dentist Dental Hygiene
James Stratton James Stratton 307-681-6350 Director of ISTI & MSHA Grant Manager ISTI/Workforce Services & Community Education
Jana Clements Jana Clements 307-675-0812 Risk Manager & Administrative Coordinator Vice President
Janet Johnson Janet Johnson 307-675-0503 Admissions Systems Support Specialist Student Services
Jared Vance Jared Vance 3076816101 Faculty-Instructor Industrial Electrical Career and Technical Education
Jay Araas John Jay Araas 307-675-0720 Faculty-Assistant Professor Math Math
Jeff McInerney Jeff McInerney Facilities Specialist Facilities
Jeffrey Walter Jeffrey Walter 307-675-0726 Faculty Math
Jennifer Adams Jennifer Adams 307-675-0112 Records Coordinator Records & Registration
Jennifer Crouse Jennifer Crouse 307-675-0121 Vice President of Student Affairs & Executive Director of Sheridan College Foundation Vice President/SC Foundation
Jennifer McArthur Jennifer McArthur 307-675-0571 Assistant Vice President for Human Resources Human Resources
Jennifer Nichols Jennifer Nichols 307-675-0724 Faculty-Assistant Professor Math Math Science and Engineer
Jessica Maurer Jessica Maurer 307-681-6021 Coordinator of Academic Affairs Vice President, Academic Affairs
Jessica Ostrander Jessica Ostrander 307-681-6257 Faculty Biology
Jill McGraw Jill McGraw 307-675-0785 Faculty- Instructor Business Education Manager & CTLE Coordinator CTLE / BUSN
Jim Will Jim Will 307-675-0723 Faculty Math
Joel Mueller Joel Mueller 307-675-0464 Maintenance Supervisor Maintenance
John Kodet John Kodet 307-681-6261 Faculty Chemistry
Jonathan Shepard Jonathan Shepard HSE/ESL Instructor ABE/GED
Jonni Joyce Jonni Joyce 307-675-0590 Faculty Criminal Justice
Jose Escoto Jose Escoto 307-675-0142 Senior Retention Mentor TRIO
Joseph Aguirre Joseph Aguirre 307-675-0141 College Success Program Director / Director of Sheridan College in Johnson County TRIO / SCJC
Joseph Gingerich Joseph Gingerich 307-681-6090 Faculty Diesel
Joseph Mueller Joseph Mueller 307-675-0501 Executive Director of Admissions Services Admissions Services
Josh Keegan Josh Keegan Faculty-Instructor Nursing Nursing
Josh Michelena Josh Michelena 307-675-0640 Faculty Construction Technology
Julie Caywood Julie Caywood 307-675-0401 Student and Administrative Coordinator Dental Hygiene
Julie Davidson-Greer Julie Davidson-Greer 307-675-0833 Project Coordinator Center for Vital Community
June Biss June Biss 307-675-0406 Faculty-Assistant Professor Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene
Kaitlynn Natzel Kaitlynn Natzel Facilities Specialist Custodial
Karen St. Clair Karen St. Clair 307-675-0105 Academic Advisor Advising
Kat Wilson Kat Wilson 307-675-0306 Faculty Nursing
Kate Crawford Kate Crawford 307-675-0144 Retention Mentor/Multicultural Student Services Coordinator TRIO / SCJC
Katie Hiller Katie Hiller Edward A Whitney Endowed Health Science Chair Nursing
Kayla Stimpson Kayla Stimpson Enrollment Specialist Enrollment Services
Keith Lyon Keith Lyon Faculty-History Instructor HSSE, HIST
Kelley Cosgrove Kelley Cosgrove 307-675-0145 Retention Mentor (TRIO) Trio/Student Support Services
Kelly Derryberry Kelly Derryberry 307-681-6241 Faculty English
Kenneth Stacy Kenneth Stacy 307-675-0787 Enrollment Counselor Enrollment Services
Kent Andersen Kent Andersen 307-675-0444 Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management Facilities
Kevin Fox Kevin Fox 307-675-0650 Faculty-Assistant Professor Welding Career and Technical Education
Kevin Moore Kevin Moore Machine Tool Technology Instructor CTE
Kiley Dodson Kiley Dodson 307-681-6042 Assistant Director of Financial Aid Financial Aid
Kim Trow Kim Trow 307-675-0463 Maintenance Specialist Maintenance
Kirk Viren Kirk Viren 307-675-0559 Classroom Technology Administrator Information Technology Services
Kjersti Buckley Kjersti Buckley 307-675-0513 Residential Life Coordinator Campus Life & Housing
Klancie Britton Klancie Britton 307-681-6032 Director College and Career Readiness, Interim Center for College and Career Readiness
Kori Kosma Kori Kosma 307-675-0307 Faculty Nursing
KristI Harbour Kristl Harbour 307-675-0409 Dental Hygiene Instructor Dental Hygiene
Kristin Sowers Kristin Sowers 307-675-0102 Testing Services Coordinator Advising
Kristin Young Kristin Young Part-time Gear-Up Gear-Up
Kristine Mantey Kristine Mantey Business Faculty Coordinator BUSN
Kristy Dooley Kristy Dooley Box Office Manager Visual Performing Arts
Kurt Ilgen Kurt Ilgen 307-675-0465 Maintenance Crew Lead Maintenance
Lacey Anesi Lacey Anesi 307-675-0404 Faculty-Assistant Professor Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene
Larissa Bonnet Larissa Bonnet 307-675-0511 Director of Campus Life and Housing Student Affairs
Larry “Thor” Gunderson Larry "Thor" Gunderson 307-681-6270 Faculty Math
Laura Phagan Laura Phagan Coordinator of Campus Life Student Housing
Lauren Graffin Lauren Graffin Faculty-Instructor Theater Visual Performing Arts
Lee Sowers Lee Sowers Facilities Specialist - Crew Lead Facilities
Leslie Petersen Leslie Petersen 307-681-6342 Industry Safety Training Coordinator MSHA
Lindsay Kelley Lindsay Kelley 307-675-0336 Student Account Specialist Business Office
Lindsay Wakefield Lindsay Muffie 307-681-6304 Faculty Nursing
Lisa Arhart Lisa Arhart 307-681-6243 Faculty English
Liz Hunter Liz Hunter 307-681-6260 Faculty Physics
Lora Hosman Lora Hosman 307-675-0311 Faculty Anatomy and Physiology
Louise Posten Louise Posten 307-681-6302 Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Nursing
Lukas Martinez Lukas Martinez 307-675-0471 Grounds Tech - Crew Lead Grounds
Mae Smith Mae Smith 307-675-0541 Director of Agriculture Agriculture
Maggie Widener Maggie Widener Early Childhood Liaison Early Childhood
Mandy Miles Mandy Miles Facilities Specialist Facilities
Marc Gilkerson Marc Gilkerson 307-675-0615 Rodeo Coach Athletics
Marilyn Lopena Marilyn Lopena Facilities Specialist CUST
Mark Elliot Bergman Mark Elliot Bergman 307-675-0730 Faculty-Assistant Professor Music Visual Performing Arts
Mark Naus Mark Naus 307-675-0551 Technical Director Information Technology Services
Mark Thoney Mark Thoney 307-675-0791 Faculty CTE, Computer
Marlena Hale Marlena Hale Assistant Gear-Up Site Coordinator Gear-Up
Marty Brown Marty Brown 3076816345 MSHA Industrial Health & Safety Instructor MSHA
Mary Sandy Mary Sandy 307-675-0408 Faculty Dental Hygiene
Matt Adams Matt Adams 307-675-0502 Assistant Director of Admissions, Data Management Admissions Services
Matthew Craig Matthew Craig 307-681-6256 Faculty-Assistant Professor Biology Biology
Matthew Pettyjohn Matthew Pettyjohn HSE Reading & Writing Instructor ABE/GED
McKayla Ward McKayla Ward Grants Coordinator BUSOF
Megan Boedeker Megan Boedeker 307-675-0823 Coordinator of Academic Affairs Vice President for Academic Affairs
Megan Borchert Megan Borchert 307-681-6332 Business Office Specialist Business Office
Megan Kenney Megan Kenney 307-681-6002 Enrollment Specialist Enrollment Services
Megan Rourke Megan Rourke 307-681-6271 Faculty Math
Mercedes Biteman Mercedes Biteman Facilities Specialist - Crew Lead Facilities
Micah Olsen Micah Olsen 307-675-0111 AVP of Enrollment Management Admissions
Michael Carver Michael Carver 307-681-6273 Faculty-Assistant Professor Math Math Science and Engineer
Michael Jensen Michael Jensen 307-675-0172 Faculty English
Millie Serna Millie Serna 307-675-0558 Information Systems Administrator Information Technology Services
Miranda Finn Miranda Finn 307-681-6242 Faculty English
Nancy Hooge Nancy Hooge 307-675-0304 Faculty-Assistant Professor Nursing Nursing
Nathan Anderson Nathan Anderson 307-675-0552 Network Administrator Information Technology Services
Oretha Anderson Oretha Anderson Facilities Specialist Facilities
Quint Gonzales Quint Gonzales 307-675-0547 Faculty-Instructor Farrier Agriculture
Rachael Anderson Rachael Anderson 307-675-0231 Faculty-Instructor Art & Sculpture Visual Performing Arts
Rachel Bergman Rachel Bergman 307-675-0731 Director of Academic Initiatives Vice President for Academic Affairs
Rachel Kristiansen Rachel Kristiansen 307-675-0190 Faculty Social Science, Psychology
Rachell Cozad Rachell Cozad 307-675-0445 Facilities Coordinator Facilities
Rachelle Gingerich Rachelle Gingerich 307-681-6303 Nursing Instructor Nursing
Randy Schmidt Randy Schmidt 307-675-0332 Business Office Director Business Office
Ray DeStefano Ray DeStafano 307-681-6101 MSHA Instructor Career and Technical Education
Rebecca Atkinson Rebecca Atkinson 307-675-0546 Faculty-Instructor Animal Science Agriculture
Rick Aili Rick Aili 307-675-0662 Faculty-Instructor Diesel Technology Career and Technical Education
Robert Briggs Robert Briggs 307-675-0814 Associate Vice President for Institutional Research Institutional Research
Robert Kraft Robert Kraft 307-675-0470 Grounds Specialist Grounds
Robert Livingston Robert Livingston 307-681-6395 Faculty Mining Technology
Robert Milne Robert Milne 307-675-0490 Faculty Chemistry
Robert Psurny Robert Psurny 307-675-0734 Faculty Music
Rod Dugal Rod Dugal 307-675-0230 Faculty-Faculty-Assistant Professor Art Visual Performing Arts
Roger Davis Roger Davis 3076750557 Computer Specialist Information Technology Services
Rohy Keffer Rohy Keffer MSHA Instructor MSHA
Sage Mueller Sage Mueller Facilities/Grounds LAWN
Sally Layher Sally Layher 307-675-0745 Faculty Health & Wellness
Samantha Griffis Samantha Griffis 307-681-6222 Coordinator of Library Services Library
Samuel Draznin Samuel "Sam" Draznin 3076750777 Veteran's Advisor Advising
Sara Beres Sara Beres 307-675-0405 Director of Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene
Sarah Aksamit Sarah Aksamit 307-675-0123 Administrative Coordinator Vice President of Student Affairs
Sarah Sinclair Sarah Sinclair 307-675-0170 Dean of Arts and Sciences Vice President, Academic Affairs
Scott Newbold Scott Newbold 307-675-0770 Faculty Biology
Selena Melendez Selena Melendez Area 59 Area 59
Sergio Trocha Sergio Trocha 307-675-0146 College Success Program Retention Mentor TRIO
Shannon Henshaw Shannon Henshaw 307-681-6003 Director of Enrollment Services Admissions
Stephanie Ellis Stephanie Ellis Alumni & Communications Coordinator SC Foundation
Stephanie Koltiska Stephanie Koltiska 307-675-0755 Faculty Dance
Steven Warr Steven Warr 307-675-0652 Faculty Welding
Susan Serge Susan Serge 307-681-6082 Director of Student Affairs Counseling
Tammy Aksamit Tammy Aksamit 307-675-0309 Faculty-Instructor Nursing Nursing
Teresa Stauffer Teresa Stauffer 307-681-6430 Faculty Education
Thad Rigby Thad Rigby 307-675-0104 Director of Advising Services Advising
Tim Lenz Tim Lenz 307-675-0334 Staff Accountant Business Office
Timothy Anderson Timothy Anderson 307-675-0651 Faculty-Assistant Professor Welding Career and Technical Education
Tobie Alsup Tobie Alsup 307-675-0305 Assistant Director of Nursing Nursing
Tony Giest Tony Giest 307-681-6111 Faculty Machine Tool
Traci King Traci King Dental Hygiene Instructor Dental Hygiene
Tracie Pollard Tracie Pollard 307-675-0580 Faculty Education
Tracy “Sean” McCrary Tracy "Sean" McCrary 307-681-6093 Faculty Diesel
Travis Grubb Travis Grubb 307-681-6100 Dean of Career and Technical Education Diesel
Troy Carnes Troy Carnes 307-675-0442 Senior Maintenance Technician Maintenance
Troy Miller Troy Miller 307-681-6116 Faculty Welding
Troy Toth Troy Toth 307-675-0653 Weekend Welding Instructor CTE, Welding
Tyler Julian Tyler Julian 307-675-0220 Library Information Specialist, English Instructor Library, ENGL
Vaunda Bradley Vaunda Bradley 307-675-0333 Purchasing/Accounting Specialist Business Office
Walter Tribley Walter Tribley 307-675-0810 President President
Wendy Ostlind Wendy Ostlind 307-675-0310 E A Whitney Endowed Health Sciences Chair Nursing
Wendy Smith Wendy Smith 307-675-0412 Vice President of Community Engagement, Strategic Communications & PIO Marketing PIO
Wiesje Bryan Wiesje Bryan GEAR Up Academic Coach GEAR UP
William Perkins William Perkins 307-675-0462 Maintenance/Facilities Specialist Facilities
Zachary Aars Zachary Aars MSHA Special Projects MSHA
Zachary Atwood Zachary Atwood 307-681-6011 Academic Advisor Advising
Zackary Houck Zackary Houck 307-675-0446 Grounds Supervisor Grounds