Conference and Events

The Northern Wyoming Community College District (NWCCD) welcomes the community to reserve event space on our campuses whenever possible. There are rooms and gathering areas available on our campuses in Sheridan, Gillette, and Buffalo. Rooms vary from classroom-size or larger presentation rooms to banquet-size and even indoor arenas. Please note that student and academic activities are our first priority regarding availability of space.

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Sheridan College

MISSION: Providing conference and event services that promotes educational opportunities and fosters community out-reach, utilizing our state-of-the-art facilities located at the base of the Big Horn Mountains.

VISION STATEMENT: The Conference & Events Services that offers comfortable and affordable summer lodging options and provides versatile and innovative event management services that insures successful events/camps/conferences, and provides FUN yet educational opportunities for both youth and adults.

Let us help you determine which event space works best for your group function. From the event planning stages to execution day, our team is available to fully assist and support you.  We are a full service facility providing state-of-art event venue, comfortable housing, on-site catering by our exclusive caterer, and a multitude of college resources.  The Conference and Events office is the single point of contact for all your conference and event needs: one contact, one contract, and one itemized bill for services provided by the college.

Flexibility at reasonable prices.  The campus facilities are available for use by both internal (college) departments and organizations and external (non college) organizations, groups, and businesses. Requested events which would interfere with College classes, activities or operations, or cause interruptions for students will not be approved or scheduled. The College reserves the right to reject any use request which jeopardizes public safety on campus.


Facilities: Facility fees are determined by the user classification, type and duration of event and facilities utilized. (Facility fees will defray the costs of the facility services, utilities, and maintenance).

Equipment: Conference and Events Services listed equipment (tables, chairs, audio visual, and computer equipment) is available and is included in the user facility fee. However, the cost of equipment requested by the user which is not available and must be rented by the college will be charged to the user.

Personnel: All Campus users are responsible for the appropriate staff cost necessary for their event. This could include management, technical, custodial, security and/or maintenance personnel.  The charges for all personnel is established by the applicable collective bargaining agreement in force at the time of the event, including overtime and call in costs whenever applicable.  In addition, the administrative costs of arranging and scheduling appropriate personnel are included.

Insurance/ Tax and Tax Exemption/Administrative Fees

Certificate of Insurance: All external users are required to provide the College a certification verifying the maintenance of comprehensive liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars. All external users are required to indemnify and hold the College, Board of Trustees, employees and volunteers harmless for any damages what so ever arising from the users activities conducted in the Center’s facilities.

Tax and Tax Exemption

All quoted prices do not include applicable taxes.  City taxes will be calculated and presented on your Invoice unless a valid Tax Exemption Certificate is provided.  If your group is tax exempt, please provide a copy of your Tax Exempt Certificate.

Administrative Fee

An Administrative Fee of 20% is applied to all facility, catering, and equipment rental charges.


Parking is provide at no charge for all conference guests.  Parking spaces designated “Handicap Parking” are located in all parking lots.  (See attached map)


We are a smoke-free campus. All college buildings, including the residential facilities, are smoke free. Group supervisors are responsible for the enforcement of this policy.  Outside smoking is allowed only within our parking lots, inside your personal vehicle.

Sheridan College shall furnish projection screens, dry erase boards and pens may be requested by the customer.  Select classrooms are equipped with video conferencing and/or computer lab. Additional audio-visual equipment and technical support services shall be provided by Sheridan College subject to its availability per the Equipment and Service Rental Rate fee schedule.

All food and beverages served on campus shall be provided by Chartwells, Sheridan College exclusive food service provider, and no other food and beverages shall be served or furnished by the CUSTOMER or third parties except as specifically authorized by Sheridan College.  An additional 20% administrative fee will be assessed to all food and beverage orders. A final guarantee and any special dietary needs of those attending are due by noon five business days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) prior to the event date.

Alcohol Beverages

The distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages is generally prohibited on the college campus.  Groups wishing to serve, provide or sell alcoholic beverages must obtain specific approval through the Conference and Events Center Office. In addition, the necessary local and state licenses for the distribution of alcoholic beverages must be obtained which is the sole responsibility of the facility user. A certification of liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars naming Sheridan College as additionally insured must be provided.

Non-alcoholic beverages must also be served whenever alcoholic beverages are served/sold, and must be displayed openly. Food must be provided in adequate amounts, proportionate to attendance, when alcoholic beverages are provided.

(Please refer to the policies & procedures and catering menu)

Sheridan College campus features over 400 sleeping beds on campus.  We offer many different housing options ranging from the traditional style resident hall accommodations to efficiency apartment-style.

Rates & Amenities:

Please contact us for room rates. All rooms are subject to a 6% per night occupancy tax. Rooms include linens (two sheets, mattress pad, pillow case and blanket), towels and bath soap. All linens may be exchanged for clean items at any point during your stay.

Smoking is prohibited on the Sheridan College campus.

Alcohol consumption is prohibited in all areas except by persons of legal age in private quarters.

Please contact us directly for availability and large group discounts, including dining hall meal options.