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NWCCD will provide childcare assistance grants to qualified students to help cover the cost of childcare. We will begin processing applications on September 6th, 2022, until October 31st, 2022, for all Fall applications. The grant will be distributed as a one-time payment until grant funds are no longer available. You may have to reapply for funds in subsequent semesters if funding is available.  

The Wyoming Department of Family Services is the sponsoring agency for these grants. These childcare assistance grants are not considered financial aid and will not be applied towards a student’s balance owed with the college.

Who is Eligible?

  • Sheridan County and Johnson County Students that are currently enrolled in an NWCCD degree, credit diploma, or certificate program (must apply here) 
  • Campbell County NWCCD students that are currently enrolled in an NWCCD degree, credit diploma, or certificate program. Learn more. 
  • Citizens, non-citizens, and international students 
  • Students enrolled in online, hybrid, or in-person classes (any combination) 
  • Students experiencing one or more of the following due to childcare costs: 
    1. Underemployed 
    2. Unemployed 
    3. Reduced college course load 
    4. Reduced credits earned in the prior academic term 
    5. Risk of reduced credits in the upcoming academic term 
    6. Childcare costs are prohibitive 


Who is Not Eligible?

  • Students not currently enrolled at Northern Wyoming Community College District 
  • Students currently receiving childcare assistance from the Department of Family Services
  • Students enrolled in dual and/or concurrent courses 
  • Students enrolled in a non-degree seeking program 
  • Students enrolled in only life enrichment and/or professional development courses 
  • Students with no childcare costs 


Award Details

  • Applications will begin to be processed after the semester add/drop date  
  • Awards will only be given to students meeting the eligibility requirements 
  • Grant awards are prorated based on the student’s enrollment status at the time of awarding 
  • Only one award per semester (if funding is available) 
  • Awards are available for up to two children per household 
  • Funding is limited. Awards will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis as long as funding is available 
  • Students who receive awards must use the awarded funds for childcare costs 
  • Students who receive awards may be required to present verification for the claims made in this application in cases of suspected fraud or misrepresentation 

To apply for assistance for Gillette College or to get more information, call 307-681-6000 or visit the college, which is at 300 W. Sinclair St., Gillette.

Grant Amounts

Assisting with Childcare Costs

Student Status Amount per Child Infant
*Paid* Before/After School Care
Full-Time 100%
(12+ Credits)
1 Child $2500 $2200 $2000 $800
Qtr-Time 75%
(9-11 Credits)
1 Child $1,875 $1,650 $1,500 $600
Half-Time 50%
(6-8 Credits)
1 Child $1,250 $1,100 $1,000 $400
Less than Half-Time 25%
(1-5 Credits)
1 Child $625 $550 $500 $200

Funds will be awarded for up to two children per household each semester until grant funds are no longer available. 
* Free before/after school care does not qualify

Grant Proration Based on Enrollment Status

Grant awards are prorated based on student enrollment as follows:   

  • 100% for full-time status (FT), 12+ credits 
  • 75% for quarter-time status (QT), 9-11 credits 
  • 50% for half-time status (HT), 6-8 credits 
  • 25% for less than half-time status (LTHT), 1-5 credits 


If you do not qualify, there is other DFS support available

If you do not qualify for this Childcare Assistance Grant, you may be eligible for other Wyoming Department of Family Services (DFS) assistance. Please review those opportunities here: Reminder, you cannot receive this grant if you also receive other DFS services. 

The Department of Family Services has a child care assistance program (referred to as subsidy) for income eligible people. Learn more about Child Care Financial Assistance in Wyoming.