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From actors and actresses to playwrights and directors, costume designers and makeup artists to lighting designers and stage managers, the growing field of theater features an array of professionals. NWCCD’s Associate of Art in Theater is led by experienced professionals who will help you build your skills and portfolio to start your theater career or transfer to an institution of advanced study. This program is offered at Sheridan College.


Industry Outlook

Theater graduates with specialized skills and broad liberal arts knowledge land jobs in numerous fields across the U.S. Many students graduate from NWCCD and transfer to universities or conservatories to continue their theater education, while others earn internships and other entry-level positions in the theater, television, and film industries. Some students apply their theater skills succeed other disciplines such as business, politics, law, education and many other job markets.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that from 2016-2026 nearly 16,500 jobs will be added to the field producers and directors, an increase of 12%. The Bureau also predicts job growth in fields such as actors and actresses, makeup artists, art directors, dancers and choreographers, camera operators, and writers and authors.

Careers and Opportunities

Many theater graduates pursue advanced education and begin their careers with internships and theater apprenticeships. Earning NWCCD’s Associate of Art in Theater will help you develop your portfolio and pursue higher education or a career like:

  • Actor  |  Drama coach
  • Art director  |  Producer  |  Dramaturg
  • Make-up artist  |  Costume designer  |  Lighting designer
  • Director  |  Choreographer  |  Playwright
  • Production manager  |  Box office manager  |  Stage manager
  • Special effects designer  |  Stage crew  |  Recording engineer
  • Theater critic  |  Theater teacher  |  Drama therapy


Our NWCCD Theater faculty bring decades of experience in theaters in New York and around the globe to the classroom.

Our Program

NWCCD’s Theater program prepares you for a wide range of occupations. The skills of problem solving, cooperation, collaboration, creativity, communication, organization, intellectual rigor, aesthetic sense, and the ability to manage resources of time, money, and people are central to theater studies. These and other theatrical skills are in high demand in the general job market. Numerous studies demonstrate that, in addition to proficiency on stage, the study of theater lays a foundation for success in the fields of politics, business, litigation, education, philosophy, psychology and more. Theater study is an engaging, entertaining and fun way to enter into many job markets outside of the theater itself.


Our Theater students at NWCCD gain real-world experience each year at the regional Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KC/ACTF), competing in acting, design, directing, management, playwriting, theater tech, and other areas.  At KC/ACTF, students attend a variety of university and professional workshops, lectures, and shows.  Many universities and professional theater companies hold open auditions for students who wish to progress in their educational and professional theater careers.


Our Theater students at NWCCD are mentored in positions of responsibility in all of Sheridan College’s productions. As a student, you will have the opportunity to shape these productions in a meaningful way, serving as actors, actresses, stage managers, designers, scene shop foremen, costume shop assistants, assistant directors, and more vital production roles.


From acting to costume design, stage management and lighting, our top-notch Theater program will give the skills to succeed in the industry.



Faculty and Community

Our faculty at NWCCD-Sheridan College are passionate theater professionals who enjoy teaching. With their extensive and successful professional backgrounds, NWCCD Theater & Dance faculty know how to train students for the practical realities of the entertainment industry. Our faculty also have vast networks of professional contacts, which can help you land meaningful theater jobs and opportunities after graduation.


As a student at NWCCD, you will have access to incredible faculty, facilities and resources. NWCCD-Sheridan College partners with the WYO Theater, the Mars Black Box, the Carriage House Theater, the Sheridan Civic Theater Guild and more to provide you excellent, practical learning opportunities. The Sheridan College Theater Club also provides you with the opportunity to develop student-led productions, visit transfer schools, and attend professional productions.


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