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Technology has forever changed the music industry. Technological innovation has helped artists and musicians create, refine and share music with the world. For music lovers, it’s an exciting time to enter the career field of music technology. NWCCD’s Music Technology Certificate of Completion program at Sheridan College features state-of-the-art recording studios and technology, expert faculty and a hands-on curriculum that will prepare you to launch your music career or help you transfer to advanced music programs nationwide.


Industry Outlook

Music technicians record, edit, produce, manipulate, enhance and integrate music. New technological advancements have created opportunities for all artists and musicians to produce high-quality music. Software and hardware innovation have become increasingly more important more audio engineers and music technicians, presenting new challenges as well as job opportunities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 10,700 jobs will be added to the field of broadcast and sound engineering technicians from 2016-2026.


Careers and Opportunities

From producing live concerts to enhancing television recordings, music technicians play an important role in maintaining appropriate sound levels, quality and more. NWCCD’s Music Technology Certificate program at Sheridan College is guided by faculty with decades of experience, ensuring you are prepared to begin your career in the music industry or transfer to earn an advanced degree nationwide. Musician technicians may find employment in jobs and careers such as:


  • Audio engineer
  • Broadcast engineer
  • Audio producer
  • Audio technician
  • Educational music technology specialist
  • Film and media composer
  • Live sound engineer
  • Music lab administrator
  • Multimedia designer
  • Recording studio technology specialist
  • Sound designer
  • Synthesizer programmer



Our NWCCD Music Technology students build their music portfolios to help them launch their careers or transfer to music programs nationwide.


Our Program

Our NWCCD Music Technology Certificate of Completion program at Sheridan College centers on recording arts, digital audio production and editing, music engraving, performance and self-promotion. This program is designed for musicians, artists, music-lovers and anyone interested in a career in music. As a Music Tech student, you will have access to the industry’s latest hardware and software in our newly constructed music education center, the Whitney Center for the Arts. Our Music Tech curriculum focuses on the fundamental concepts and skills necessary to succeed in the industry. Your courses will include Music Technology, Sound Reinforcement, Music Portfolio, Music Fundamentals, Written Theory, Techniques for Live Sound and more. Graduating with your Music Technology Certificate, you will have a clear understanding of MIDI implementation, synthesis, computer-generated notation and multimedia integration.


For students planning to study music performance, education, composition, theory or musicology, a Music Technology Certificate will enhance your degree and career options. Music-related software and hardware are integral to today’s classrooms at all levels, and engraving and recording applications have become an increasingly important part of every musician’s skillset. Our Certificate program will help you build self-promotional materials like an audio portfolio, a website and a curriculum vita.


For students not planning to major in Music, no prior music training is required for entry into the NWCCD Music Technology Certificate program. Traditional music notation literacy is helpful, but not required—only an interest in using technology to create and record music is needed to begin. You are welcome in the Music Tech program, regardless of music background, or lack thereof. Today’s software allows you to indulge your creativity right away. Our courses will introduce you to universal concepts of music technology.


Our NWCCD Music Technology students develop valuable skills in digital music production that can be applied to a variety of careers in the music industry.


Faculty and Community

At NWCCD Sheridan College, we have some of the best Music Technology faculty from across the nation. Our expert instructors and faculty members will help you achieve your academic and career goals, whether your future is in music recording or another field. Our faculty are dedicated to making sure you learn each aspect of digital music and sound recording.


As a Music Technology student, you will learn in one of the best music education centers in the nation. NWCCD’s new music education building, the Whitney Center for the Arts, features advanced recording studios, recital space and cutting edge classrooms, making it one of the top music education centers in the nation.


Our faculty are eager to help guide you through hands-on application in music technology and recording, giving you the opportunity to acquire key skills and build your music resume.


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