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Criminal Justice Programs

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Sheridan College, Gillette College
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Criminal Justice professionals do more than just keep our streets safe and respond to emergencies. They investigate crimes, patrol borders, work for the Drug Enforcement Agency, provide personal security, work in crisis management and more. The Criminal Justice field offers broad and diverse opportunities, with jobs ranging from corrections to victim advocacy to law enforcement. A degree from NWCCD in Criminal Justice, with the option to pursue a number of career-enhancing certificates, will prepare you for a career in this fast-paced field. The Criminal Justice degree program is available at both Sheridan College and Gillette College.


Industry Outlook

Increased demand for public safety has resulted in an increased demand for Criminal Justice professionals. With complex and diverse job opportunities, Criminal Justice professionals need the knowledge and skills to succeed. NWCCD’s Criminal Justice program can help prepare you. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics predicts that over 41,000 new jobs will be added to field of Police and Detectives from 2012-2022. The field of Correctional Officers is also expected to grow, adding 23,000 new jobs.


Careers and Opportunities

From protecting lives and property to investigating crimes and advocating for families and victims, careers in the Criminal Justice field are wide-ranging. NWCCD’s Associate degree and certificate options in Criminal Justice will help you pursue job opportunities with the knowledge and skills to thrive.  You can join a Criminal Justice-related field like:


  • Police officer
  • Deputy sheriff
  • Criminal investigator
  • Corrections officer
  • Park ranger
  • Military police
  • Detective
  • Border patrol
  • Juvenile officer
  • DEA agent
  • Game warden
  • Security guard
  • Private investigator
  • Homeland security coordinator
  • Family crisis counselor
  • Child advocate


Many of our NWCCD Criminal Justice instructors are working professionals in the field, ensuring you will learning the applicable skills you need for your career.


Our Program

Our NWCCD Criminal Justice degree program allows you to pursue your interests and passions.  NWCCD offers Associate of Science and Associate of Art degree options in Criminal Justice, as well as Associate of Applied Science degree options in Corrections and Victim Advocacy. Our Criminal Justice program is one of the most comprehensive programs in the region and state. We have topic experts for each of our classes.  You may study law with the county attorney or prosecutor; law enforcement operations with one of Wyoming’s top police officers; or juvenile issues with a professional who works with children.  All of our instructors are expert, working professionals in the field.


As a Criminal Justice student, you will have course options including Law Enforcement Operations, Juvenile Justice, Firearms, Criminology, Domestic Violence, Crisis Intervention, Criminal Law, Sociological Principles, Crime Prevention and more. NWCCD Criminal Justice courses integrate real-life experiences and theory to prepare you for your future. You will be equipped to transfer into Bachelor’s degree programs or gain employment as law enforcement or probation officers following graduation.


Criminal Justice

Students in the Criminal Justice Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree options will be exposed to all aspects of the criminal justice system. The degree options assure you will learn the marketable skills in the fields of law enforcement, adult and juvenile corrections, adult and juvenile victimology, and security. This program is taught by experts who have extensive hands-on experience in the fields they teach. Courses offered include Law Enforcement Operations, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Criminology.

Degree Options: AA, AS


Criminal Justice: Corrections

This program is available in Associate of Applied Science degree and Certificate of Completion options. The program is designed to serve correctional or detention officers or pre-service students wanting to become correctional or detention officers. A Corrections Associate degree is also geared toward those who wish to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and those interested in behavioral science-related topics. Courses offered in this program include Counseling, Forensic Psychology and Crisis Intervention.

Degree Options: AAS, Certificate


Research additional employment information by viewing this program’s gainful employment page.


Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement program is available in Associate of Applied Science and Certificate of Completion options. The program emphasizes the activities of the agencies responsible for maintaining public order and enforcing the law, particularly the activities of prevention, detention and investigation of crime and the apprehension of criminals.  The role of a police officer as a crisis manager is explored as a critical piece of the criminal justice system. Courses offered include Criminal Investigation, Criminal Law, Criminology and Judicial Functions.

Degree Options: AAS, Certificate


Research additional employment information by viewing this program’s gainful employment page.


Criminal Justice: Victim Advocacy

The Victim Advocacy option is available as in Associate of Applied Science and Certificate of Completion options. The education gained in this program will allow you to become a crisis manager, counselor victim advocate, Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer and more. As a Victim Advocacy student, you will receive the knowledge, skills and ability to work with adults and children to make a difference in their lives and impact the community. Courses include Counseling Skills, Domestic Violence and Judicial Functions.

Degree Options: AAS, Certificate


Research additional employment information by viewing this program’s gainful employment page.


NWCCD partners with law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities to provide students internship opportunities.


Faculty and Community

Our dedicated faculty at NWCCD will make sure you have the knowledge and skills to excel in whichever Criminal Justice field you choose. They will ensure you are trained in each field, including law enforcement, corrections and victim advocacy.


Northern Wyoming Community College District with law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities, providing you numerous hands-on, real-world learning opportunities and internships.


Want to learn how the NWCCD’s hands-on training in Criminal Justice will prepare you for your career?

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