Master the arts at Sheridan College. Sheridan College offers a state of the art facility for you to master your sound with a degree in Music. Sheridan College’s Music Technology Certificate of Completion program features state-of-the-art recording studios and technology preparing you to launch your music career or transfer to advanced music programs nationwide. Sheridan College in Wyoming offers a certificate in Visual Arts.
Let your passion for art come to life through our ceramics, painting, drawing, and other art classes at Sheridan College. Express yourself while learning the skills to succeed in the Theater and Dance industry. Create, develop, facilitate, and evaluate arts and cultural programs and organizations..

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Whitney Center for the Arts

Experience our world-class facility

The outside of the Whitney Center for the Arts building on Sheridan College campus.
Sheridan College has world class facilities for musical performance.
Edward A Whitney Gallery
Sheridan College art program student

"I had some really incredible teachers that have helped me become a better performer and a better artist."

Ivy Harbour

Learn more about the Sheridan College music ensembles you can be a part of.
Learn more about the Arts faculty at Sheridan College.

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