Wyoming Works

Due to adjustments to grant allocations with the state of Wyoming, we are no longer accepting new Wyoming Works grant applications.

Award Amounts

Award amounts vary, based on the total cost per program. You may be eligible for up to $1,680 per semester for 6 semesters.

For complete financial aid rules and process, see the Wyoming Works Financial Aid Handbook.

About Wyoming Works

The Wyoming Works Program began as Senate File 122 (SF122) in Wyoming’s 65th Legislature. After passing both the House and Senate in February 2019, it was signed by Governor Gordon as Senate Enrolled Act 78 (SEA78). The legislation includes a $5 million appropriation; $3 million of which will used for individual student grants, and the balance will support program development.  Allocation details will be managed by the Wyoming Community College Commission, as these monies will be distributed among all seven Wyoming community colleges. Annual grant availability is subject to the Wyoming Legislature’s annual appropriations process and our individual college allocation.