In an effort to continue to improve the services and programs within the Department of Campus LifeĀ and Housing a self assessment of the department and programs offered was conducted in the fall of 2012. Under the guidance of the Council on the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (, the department discovered things that were done well and other things that need to be improved upon. You may view the report in its entirety by clicking here. Below you will find a list of action items to be addressed within the next three years.

Work with Sodexo to incorporate food service into housing mission and philosophy
Look at ways to incorporate learning and developmentĀ  outcomes into mission and philosophy
Look at ways to advertise the department and the mission and philosophy of the department
Program Development
Review RA Program model
Work with RA’s to develop monthly goals
Work with Peer Mentors to develop study groups and study skills programming
Develop service learning opportunities to connect with the Sheridan Community
Develop a Residence Hall Council to be a first step for leadership development
Create a sustainability model for the residence halls
Investigate webinar series to develop a professional development series for the professional and paraprofessional staff within the department
Human Resources
Research professional development opportunities for on campus and close proximity development
Develop an intern program working with local universities for students who are looking to get into the field of students affairs
Research opportunities for the development of knowledge in technical areas that directly affect the department
Develop a professional development series that enhances knowledge for both professional and paraprofessional staff specifically addressing hot topics on campus
Develop a statement of ethical practice
Create a training module for RA and Peer Mentor training to ensure the inclusion of training in ethical behavior and challenging of unethical behavior
Legal Responsibilities
Develop a staff development webinar series that includes legal responsibilities for both professional and student staff
Partner with other college professionals to offer staff training and continuous staff development
Equity and Access
Revise applications for better use for those with disabilities
Develop staff development opportunities to look at ADA rules and regulations specific to housing and student programs
Develop diversity training modules for RA and Peer Mentor training
Develop passive programming for the residence halls addressing acceptance and awareness
Develop a religious calendar with important religious dates to be aware of
Develop a spirituality resource guide that includes religious organizations and resources int he area
Organization and Management
Develop a strategic plan that outlines the steps to assist the organization in the goal of 2020
Look at job duties and realign with different staff members as necessary to real personal and career goals
Develop assessment strategies to be able to assess all areas of the department
Campus and External Relations
Develop a website to be able to post off campus housing opportunities
Develop a working relationship with off campus rental companies to be able to provide links to their websites
Develop an emergency management plan specific to the residence halls
Financial Resources
Continuous updating of the CAPDM list to include all foreseeable projects
Develop a 5 year budget projection that corresponds with the strategic plan of the department
Develop a strategic plan that specifically addresses technology and the needs
Look at software options and pricing to present for possible purchase
Assess specific technology being used and how that technology might be enhanced or changed to meet the needs
Facilities and Equipment
Develop a 20 year plan for housing renovations and maintenance projects including estimated costs of the projects
Develop a master plan for accessibility for both temporarily and fully disabled persons
Develop an emergency management plan for the residence halls
Assessment and Evaluation
Develop an assessment plan for all areas of the department
Develop a staff development plan that addresses assessment design and implementation
Develop a template to publish and share assessment findings with the college community