Founders Hall

Founders Hall This attractive two-story building opened for occupancy in October 1998.   Founders Hall features electronic access (exterior and wing doors), telephone, cable television and computer/internet connections in the rooms, wireless internet, a game room, multiple study spaces, a multi-purpose programming space, and air conditioning. The building is configured into four “wings” with four to five single- and double-occupancy rooms surrounding group baths and a full kitchen. All wings currently are co-ed, however, complete wings can be designated as single-gender wings if sufficient numbers of requests warrant this. A total of 92 students reside in Founders Hall, divided evenly by the four wings. Second and third year students are given priority for single rooms.



South Hall

South Hall opened for occupancy in August of 2000. Similar to Founders Hall, the all-new interior includes electronic access (exterior and wing doors), telephone, cable television and computer/internet connections in the rooms, wireless internet, multiple study spaces, a multi-purpose programming space, full kitchens in each wing, and air conditioning. Room configurations consist of traditional double rooms near group baths, as well as a limited number of private-bath single and double rooms. These private and semi-private rooms will be reserved for non-traditional students (generally, those over 26 years of age). South Hall is co-ed by floor and houses 82 students.

  North Halls


The North Halls (Crook, Kearney and Connor Halls) are small, two-story facilities that can house men, women, or both, depending on numbers of applications. If they are co-ed, men occupy the first floor while women occupy the second floor.   The rooms are wired for telephone, cable, and high-speed internet. These buildings have wireless internet as well. Crook, Kearney and Connor are not air conditioned at this time. Capacity for each of these buildings is 29 making for a tighter community.





Whitney Villas

Whitney Villas/Lofts consist of 11 “houses” and 3 “Lofts” with one to five apartments in each. Each apartment has a full kitchen and furnished living areas in addition to a combination of single and double bedrooms. The Villas/Lofts are air conditioned, have telephone service, cable TV and wireless internet. Only second year students and up, or those new to the College over the age of 22, are eligible for assignment to a Villa. All residents of the Villas are required to purchase a meal plan.




Video Tour of the residence halls

The Whitney Villas/Lofts also offer 16 efficiency apartments for married couples without children and students over the age of 26. Efficiency apartments are 1 bedroom apartments with furnished living/dining areas and full kitchen. The efficiency apartments are air conditioned, have telephone service, cable TV, and wireless internet. Students living in the efficiency apartments do not have to purchase a meal plan.


Smoking is not allowed in any residence hall at any time. Sheridan College became a smoke free campus Fall 2009. Smoking on campus is allowed only in personal vehicles.

Single Room Assignments

Whitney Villas/Lofts, Founders, and South Halls have a specific and limited number of rooms that are design singles. Double room will be assigned as singles on a space-available basis only. Priority for singles is given to returning students and those over 26. An additional charged is assessed for single rooms. Please refer to housing rate information for correct pricing.