Do I have a Faculty Advisor?
If you are seeking a degree at Sheridan College, you are assigned a faculty advisor in your field of study.

When Do I Meet with My Faculty Advisor?
During your first initial semester, you will meet with your faculty advisor before registering for classes.  The faculty advisor can help you select classes required for your program of interest. 

Who is My Faculty Advisor?
You might meet your faculty advisor in class or during the New Student Orientation. If you are unsure who your faculty advisor is, you may check with the Records Office in the Griffith Welcome Center, W134 or by calling (307) 674-6446 ext. 2200.

Locating Faculty
Periodically you may need to locate your instructors regarding grades, homework, or material covered in class. The instructor’s office hours should be posted on your course syllabi as well as outside the instructor’s office door.   You may also access your instructor through the directory.

Locating Faculty by Department
If you are unable to locate a faculty member, please contact the appropriate administrative assistant for the department.

Office      Phone Number            Department

SC152     674-6446 ext. 3500       Agriculture 

SC152     674-6446 ext. 3500       Business

W164A      674-6446 ext. 3200     Fine Arts

W182      674-6446 ext. 3300       Health Science

W186      674-6446 ext. 3400       Health Science (Dental Hygiene Only)

W164A   674-6446 ext. 3200       Humanities

SC152    674-6446 ext. 3500      Natural Science

W164A   674-6446 ext. 3200      Social and Behavioral Science

SC152    674-6446 ex.t 3500     Technical Programs