Private Scholarship Information

Private scholarships are provided by organizations outside the College.  The organization or donor selects the recipient and sends the funds to the College on behalf of the recipient.  The following is important information regarding NWCCD’s private scholarship process.  We encourage all private scholarship providers and students receiving private resources to become familiar with our policy and procedures.

Private Scholarship Disbursement

When the donor does not specify how to disburse scholarship funds, the Financial Aid Office will divide awards equally between fall and spring semesters.  In case of non-enrollment, scholarship funds are returned to the donor.

What To Include With a Scholarship Check

♦   Student’s name

♦   Student’s ID

♦   Scholarship donor’s name, address, and phone number

♦   Letter from donor with any scholarship stipulations

Mailing Instructions

Donors should make checks payable to NWCCD or Sheridan College and send checks directly to the Financial Aid Office where your scholarship recipient will be attending.

Financial Aid Office
Sheridan College
PO Box 1500
Sheridan WY 82801
Phone: 1-800-913-9139 ext 2100
Fax: 1-307-674-3371
Fall and Spring Office Hours: M-F 8am-5pm
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Co-Payable Checks

When a donor issues a check co-payable to a student and NWCCD or Sheridan College, the student must come to the Business Office to endorse the check before a credit can be applied to the student’s account, which may cause unnecessary delays.  To process scholarships in a timely manner, donors should make checks payable to NWCCD or Sheridan College only.

Scholarship Checks Sent Directly to the Student

Scholarship checks made out to NWCCD or Sheridan College but mailed to the student must be delivered or forwarded to the Financial Aid Office.  If the check is made payable to the student, the student must endorse the back of the check before delivering to the Financial Aid Office.

Confirmation of Check Receipt

The cancelled scholarship check serves as the donor’s receipt.

Verification of Enrollment (3 options)

The Financial Aid Office will provide a confirmation of enrollment at the student’s or donor’s request, in order to facilitate a scholarship payment. Email the Financial Aid Office at  A response will be provided within 48 hours.
The student may also pick up an enrollment verification form from the Records Office.
The student may also submit a copy of their class schedule.

Private Scholarships and Other Financial Aid

If a private scholarship is not listed on your award letter, you must report the source and amount to the Financial Aid Office.  Private scholarships may reduce any institutional aid, loan or Federal Work-Study awards you receive before they reduce any grant aid.  If you receive need-based aid, your award letter will be updated on WebAdvisor once we process the information from the private outside scholarship.