Hunger and Obesity: Making the Connections ~ Faculty Presentation by Georgia Boley

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When? 12/06/2013 9:00 am
Where?Sheridan College
Category(ies) Sheridan College

Students at Sheridan College will soon have the opportunity to learn about the effects of hunger and how they can help do something in their community to help. Registered dietitian, Georgia Boley will be presenting to Sheridan College Students on December 6th.  Students will learn how hunger can strike any household and how it can hurt children, families, and communities. Students will identify ways they can take action in their school or community to help feed hungry children and families.

 With the help of our 76,000 members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, our members who are experts in food and nutrition, are helping families facing food insecurity to make healthy and economically feasible food choices,” said registered dietitian and Academy Foundation Chair, Kathy McClusky. “The Academy and its Foundation have developed many programs and resources for our Kids Eat Right campaign which are used to educate families who so desperately need assistance. We are proud to support our Kids Eat Right campaign members who are playing a major role in working towards a healthier nation.” 

 “Hunger caused by poverty is no longer as simple as an empty belly in America.  Calories are readily accessible and cheap, but nutrient dense foods are not.  Together we will look at how poverty and obesity are so closely linked in our nation, look at current obesity trends in Wyoming, and discuss what solutions work for our community” says Boley.

 As a Kids Eat Right Campaign Member, Boley was awarded one of 25 mini-grants by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation.  Kids Eat Right is a platform designed to ensure that sound nutrition recommendations are part of childhood obesity prevention. A member-driven public education campaign, Kids Eat Right mobilizes the Academy’s 76, 000 members to support families, schools, and communities in their pursuit of quality nutrition for all children. Registered dietitians are the food and nutrition experts and the most qualified professionals to bring families and communities along in the quest to help Kids Eat Right. 

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