The Records Office is committed to the core values of the College District — Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Learning – and supports the mission of NWCCD by serving the needs of students as they pursue their educational goals.  The Records Office also provides course management support for faculty and administration and maintains the integrity of College records, while complying with College policies and state and federal regulations. 

Summer 2016 Class registrations are open now! 

Fall 2016 Class registration opens March 31st!


  • Course Catalog
  • Graduation/Commencement and the awarding of degrees
  • Degree Audits to verify student progress
  • Transfer credit evaluation
  • Academic transcripts
  • Enrollment verifications
  • Final examination schedule
  • FERPA questions
  • Athletic eligibility
  • Registration of classes

These services are completed according to institutional policies and standards, as well as, state and federal laws and regulations.

Quick Resources:
Registration Process
Residency Reclassification Form
Transcript Request Form

Important Dates for 2015-2016

Fall 2015 Spring 2016 Sum 2016
Classes begin, Blocks A & B classes Aug. 24 Jan. 19 6-Jun
Census entries due, Blocks A & B Sept. 4 Feb. 1 15-Jun
Midterm grades due, Block B Sept. 23 Feb. 17 6-Jul
Last day to drop classes, Block B Oct. 6 Mar. 1 18-Jul
Classes end, Block B Oct. 16 Mar. 11 29-Jul
Final grades due, Block B Oct. 21 Mar. 16 Aug. 3
Midterm grades due for Block A classes Oct. 21 Mar. 16
Classes begin, Block C Oct. 21 Mar. 21
60% federal aid day
Census entries due, Block C Nov. 4 Apr. 1
Midterm grades due, Block C Nov. 18 Apr. 20
Last day to drop classes, Block A Nov. 24 Apr. 20
Last day to drop classes, Block C Dec. 4 2-May
Classes end, Blocks A & C Dec. 14 9-May
Finals Week, Blocks A & C Dec. 15-18 May 10-13
GC Commencement, 7 PM 13-May
SC Commencement, 1 PM 14-May
Final grades due, Blocks A & C Dec. 23 18-May