The Sheridan College Police Department would like to thank you for taking the time to look at this page. If you are a student on the Sheridan College campus, the information that follows will be of importance to you. If you are just looking around, this should inform you a little about Sheridan College and the Sheridan College Police Department.

Sheridan College is the only Community College in Wyoming that has a Police Department with Certified Wyoming Peace Officers that have the authority to investigate crimes and make arrests. Each Campus Police Officer trains continuously throughout the year to meet the unique challenges that campus law enforcement has to offer.

The Campus Police Office is located at Sheridan College in the Student Commons building adjacent to the lobby area. Officers reside on campus in houses adjacent to the Residence Halls. Campus Police service is available 24 hours a day. Back-up law enforcement is available from the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Department and the City of Sheridan Police Department.

Mission Statement:

We, the campus police department, exist to serve all people within our campus with respect, fairness and compassion. We are committed to the prevention of crime and protection of life and property; the preservation of peace, order & safety; the enforcement of laws and ordinances; and the safeguarding of constitutional guarantees.

With service to the Students as our foundation, we are driven by goals to enhance the quality of life, investigating problems as well as incidents, seeking solutions and fostering a sense of security on our campus. We nurture trust by holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics.

To fulfill its mission, the campus police are dedicated to providing a quality work environment and the development of its members through effective training and leadership.

  •  Emergency Information Plan
    • Bomb or Suspicious Device
    • Campus Closure / Early Dismissal
    • Chemical Spill
    • Fire / Explosion
    • Hostage Situation
    • Medical Emergency
    • Terrorism and Acts of Violence
    • Weather Conditions (Severe)
    • EVACUATION Procedure
    • LOCKDOWN Procedure

 Becoming an Officer:

 Any person who is of lawful age and is certified, or eligible to be certified, as an officer of the peace, may be a Sheridan College Police Officer. If you meet the following qualifications, and are interested, contact Chief Jason Vela, at

Important Phone Number:

  • EMERGENCY:  911
  • SCPD Office:  674-6446, Ext. 4150
  • Director Jason Vela:  752 – 2253
  • Officer Josh McKinley: 752 – 2133
  • Sheridan Police Dispatch (SCPD dispatched here):  672-2413