Twisted-Stair Theatre Company

The purpose of The Twisted Stair Theatre Company is to entertain people while creating an understanding of the theater arts and the life lessons they teach. This group was only put together in the Fall of 2011 and it has already shown promising traditions and ideas. This club is a great way to get involved in theater whether you like being on the stage, or working behind the scenes. Anyone interested in theater is more than welcome to join. You do not have be a theater major to be a part of our club. We have had a range of different majors involved with our club including dental hygiene, music, nursing and more.

Some activities that we have done in the past include Halloween make-up stations, children activities, community performances, writing opportunities, and the list only continues to expand. For the future, we are working on an improvisation group that will perform for the student body, the community, and anyone else who wants a fun night of entertainment. Also, coming up in the near future are skit performances on a local TV station where we are helping write the scripts and possibly performing them on camera for the Sheridan Show.

We have also combined our ideas with other clubs such as script writing for the Active Minds Club, Earth Hour Dance with the International club, and a Blood Drive for Dracula with the Nursing Club. First year dental hygiene major, Paige Jordan, mentions she “like[s] the people in this club and the variety of people.” She continued to say, “I also like the different aspects and opportunities the club provides. There are things like make-up, acting, writing, and the members in the club give each other good feedback.”

The Twisted-Stair Theatre Company has a lot to offer and the members of the club have a lot show from it. We still have some kinks to work out, but the members believe that with hard work and a love for the theater arts, the club will continue to improve. Second year member of the club, Stefan Cook, who graduated in the spring of 2012 in welding and came back to continue his education as a theater major said, “I believe it can [show potential]. It will take work from both 2nd years and 1st years to keep this club rolling. What I like about the club is a lot of ideas are brought in and a lot of expanding of those ideas occurs while improving the skills of the club members.”

Although this is a new club just starting to branch out, we are more than ready to find more ways to perform and give the community reasons why the theater arts are so important in this world today. So basically you could say we are saving the world AND we are having fun while doing it.