Study with Broadway professionals at Sheridan College’s new Broadway Center!

Welcome to the Theater Department at Sheridan College! We are thrilled to announce our new Broadway Center, which contains a new Theater Lab, a Scene Shop, a Costume shop, classroom spaces, offices, student spaces, and plenty of storage space. In addition, we are currently constructing a new Black Box theater to complement our WYO Theater and Carriage House performance spaces.

Our flexible theater program is designed to allow students to specialize in the areas of theater that most appeal to them while obtaining the foundation of general knowledge necessary to succeed in this and other challenging fields. Whether students are actors, techies, designers, directors, playwrights, theater theorists, theater historians, or anything else theatrical, we are equipped to help students develop working portfolios which can be used to apply for work in the job market or to transfer to an institution of advanced study.

The Theater Department’s faculty are professional theater practitioners as well as teachers. We have over 30 years of vested professional Equity theater experience, both on and off Broadway. Some faculty members are also vested in the Stage Actors’ Guild and AFTRA. Plays developed by our faculty are constantly being produced by professional and amateur theater companies across the nation and the world. Because of our professional backgrounds, instructors teach theater from the practical approach of the working theater professional while having the advanced degrees necessary to teach theatrical theory and history.

In addition to preparing students for a career in the entertainment industry, Sheridan College’s theater program prepares students for a wide range of occupations. The skills of problem solving, cooperation, collaboration, creativity, communication, organization, intellectual rigor, aesthetic sense, and the ability to manage resources of time, money, and people are central to theater studies. These and other theatrical skills are in high demand in the general job market. Numerous studies demonstrate that, in addition to proficiency on stage, the study of theater lays a foundation for success in the fields of politics, business, litigation, education, philosophy, and psychology, to name a few. Theater study, therefore, is an engaging, entertaining, and fun way to enter into many job markets outside of the theater itself.

Here at Sheridan College’s Theater Department, we enjoy communicating with prospective students. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our program.