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A major in Social Science offers a broad based degree that can lead to a variety of careers in government, business or international relations.

The Social Science program at Sheridan College is designed to provide the student with core knowledge in such areas as Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science and Geography.

Students will explore such areas as the scientific method ranging from comprehending reality at the abstract theoretical level, to concrete data collecting.


All classes at Sheridan College are relatively small, which allows the students considerable interaction with the instructor and plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Students have the option of pursuing an Associate of Science or Arts degree in Social Science. The degree programs are designed to prepare students to transfer to a four-year institution or to enter the workforce.

Sheridan College also offers a Psychology major at the Associate degree level. Psychology overlaps with other sciences that investigate behavior and mental processes. Certain parts of the field share much with the biological sciences.

Much like the Social Science degree, the Psychology degree is designed to act as a transfer degree for students who wish to move on and pursue a Bachelor’s degree.