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Interested in using your mathematics skills and expertise to help the finance industry price securities? You could also model the flow of oil in underground rock formations to help in oil recovery for the petroleum industry. Image processing, whether producing clear pictures from satellite imagery or making medical images (CAT, MRI) to detect and diagnose, uses significant mathematics. Industrial design, whether structural components for airplanes or automobile parts, uses a tremendous amount of mathematical modeling, much of which is embodied in CAD/CAM computer software. Such techniques were used in the design of the Boeing 777, as well as in the design of automobiles. Computational modeling is also used in airplane and automobile design to analyze the flow of air over vehicles to determine fuel economy and efficiency.


Many mathematicians work for the government. The Department of Defense is the main federal employer of mathematicians in fields like engineering research, telecommunications, computer services, software, and energy systems. Those employed in the private sector work for research and testing facilities, public relations firms and security exchanges. Mathematicians in manufacturing usually work for drug companies. Other mathematicians work for banks, insurance companies and public utilities.

The faculty at Sheridan College provides a strong foundation for advanced math studies, giving math majors the basis they need to transfer to a four year degree program. Our instructors understand that mathematicians are found in almost every sector of the job market, and feel it is important for students to have a broad understanding of the basics in order to pursue higher degrees in their chosen area of specialty.