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Massage Therapy | Admissions Criteria & Process

There are many opportunities in the rapidly growing field of massage therapy. You could meet people and see exotic places working aboard a cruise ship, work in an elegant spa, or travel with professional athletes. For those who like to stay at home, local clinics, salons, day spas, fitness centers, and hospitals provide a base for building a practice. For the creative entrepreneur who likes to work with the public, the possibilities are endless.

The Sheridan College Massage Therapy Program prepares students for careers as professional massage therapists. The curriculum is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges. Graduates may elect to sit for the National Certification Exam or the MBLEX exam. Sheridan College is also a member of the American Massage Therapy Council of Schools.


The curriculum develops knowledge and skills necessary for practicing massage therapy. Core courses emphasize massage therapy principles, ethics, business application, pathology, anatomy and physiology, ‘SOAP’ documentation, indication/contraindications, ergonomics, and kinesiology. Relaxation techniques cover breath work, meditation, and visualization. Massage modalities such as Swedish, neuromuscular, and sports massage are emphasized, in addition to hygiene practices, draping, and specific supplemental modalities such as reflexology and Tai chi. Psychology and interpersonal communication courses provide graduates with lifelong communication skills they can use in their professional careers and personal lives. We have an outstanding team of experts who present lectures on topics such as diseases of the skin and exercise physiology.

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A variety of locations are provided for clinical rotations such as medical offices, schools, and local theater are provided off-campus in the final semester.  Many graduates use their training in massage therapy as a stepping-stone for careers in physical therapy, nursing, or sports medicine.

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Application and admission to the Massage Therapy Program is in addition to application and admission to Sheridan College.

Application for Admission to the Massage Therapy Program must be submitted to the Massage Therapy Program Director no later than August 1 to be considered for formal admission into the program for the Fall Semester. Students completing coursework at other colleges and/or universities should include course descriptions and course syllabi with the submission of their transcript(s).

The Massage Therapy Program curriculum sequence begins in the Fall Semester each year.

Students are responsible for purchasing required uniforms and selected laboratory supplies. In addition, students will need to purchase a massage table for the clinical portion of their second semester in the program.

Program Admission/Retention Policy

The admission review committee will consider the following criteria when reviewing applications to the program (non-residents and residents have equal status):
  1. Overall GPA (if all other criteria are equal, this will be the deciding factor).
  2. Portfolio of work references and experiences (submitted with the application for admission).
  3. A minimum grade of “C” in all program courses.

Students must earn a minimum grade of “C” in program classes to stay in the program. Students who receive a grade below “C” must retake that class in the next cycle it is offered to remain in the program.

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