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Engineers are the brains behind the building of everything from sky scrapers and roads, to the cleaning supplies under your kitchen sink. Being that they are builders, engineers must be detailed in their planning and task specific in developing their plans. They must poses an intimate knowledge of mathematics (including geometry, trigonometry and calculus), and they must also be creative enough to think outside the lines when developing building plans.


The engineering program at Sheridan College is an exacting applied science where students are required to have a broad background of analytical skills and task specific application abilities. The purpose of the Associate of Arts or Science program in engineering at Sheridan College is to give the entering student the general background in mathematics and engineering science necessary for a specific specialization in the engineering fi eld (i.e. chemical, electrical or mechanical)

Students must meet general education requirements for an AS degree, and complete the suggested courses in their course of study in order to receive an associate’s degree emphasizing engineering.