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The Sheridan College Biotechnology Program offers a comprehensive course of study that leads to a Certificate of Completion in Biotechnology. The curriculum focuses on developing laboratory skills applicable to careers in biotechnology.

Why Biotechnology?

Biotechnology has transformed nearly every aspect of our lives from medicine, to agriculture, to the environment. The industry continues to grow and is in need of skilled and knowledgeable technicians and research associates.

Why choose this program?

The certificate’s curriculum is focused on fundamental concepts and skills that can be applied to any number of biotechnology disciplines. Students are trained in basic laboratory skills as well as advanced DNA and protein applications using the tools of the industry.

Who is this certificate for?

This certificate is for students who want to know more about biotechnology. Completing the certificate can lead to a job as a biotechnician and can provide a significant advantage for those pursuing degrees in science and technology.


Biotechnology is an multidisciplinary science that uses biology, chemistry, engineering, and computer science to solve problems and enhances manufacturing processes using living organisms or their products.

Biotechnology provides the foundation for advances and development of products in agriculture, medicine, forensic science, and environmental science.

BIotechnological advances include mass production of insulin, cloning of cattle, bioremediation of damaged environments, and mapping of the Neanderthal genome. These dramatic technological advances rely on our ability to understand and work with DNA and protein using basic laboratory techniques and computer science.

Training in biotechnology can lead to lucrative job opportunities. Annual salaries range from $22,000 to $100,000 depending on education and experience.

For more information on the certificate program or other opportunities in biotechnology, contact Dr. Ami Erickson at

(307) 674-6446, ext. 3104 or e-mail

The Biotechnology Certificate

Students develop skills in biotechnology including basic laboratory techniques, DNA and protein manipulation, database applications, biomanufacturing, and tissue culture. The 21-credit sequence of classes for the certificate can be completed in conjunction with an Associate degree program, as a post-degree certificate, or as a stand-alone certificate. Completion of the certificate empowers students with lab skills and knowledge that can be advantageous in the pursuit of higher degrees in science or lead to a careers as a biotechnician.