Do you like working outdoors?  How about growing your own food, working with animals, or learning about ag business?  The opportunities for working in the agriculture industry are vast, depending on what you would like to do.  The hands-on, cutting edge curriculum you receive at Sheridan College will allow you to enjoy small class sizes with competent, caring instructors.  Surrounded by a diversity of ecosystems, with ample community support in the classroom and through available internships, as well as our partnership with the University of Wyoming, you will receive an education not available anywhere else.  By studying
Ag @ Sheridan College you will be prepared to return to the family farm, pursue an advanced degree, or obtain a position with the government or local businesses.

SC Ag Building

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Ag in the Spotlight

Surrounded by a diversity of ecosystems in Sheridan County, Sheridan College offers students a unique educational setting. Students within the Natural Resource and Ranch Land Management Program have the opportunity to gain knowledge from professionals in both an outdoor working environment and in the classroom. That was one of the main attractions for Russell Merrill, who set his sights on a degree in Sheridan College’s Natural Resources and Ranch Land Management Program to begin his college career. Click here to download our SC College & Community Magazine to read more about Sheridan College offering hands-on learning opportunities.

From our Students

Andrea Hespen“When I further my career from college, I plan on having a ranch of my own and hopefully running my Father’s cattle with him, only to eventually own my own herd of cattle. I believe Animal Science is the ticket to my success in the future with what I want to pursue. Being able to help my family out with the skills and knowledge I have been blessed with, will be a success that is only received through hard work, dedication, and support.

No matter where my life takes me in the future, I want to take my college experience and what I have learned from it, into my career. Whether it is, owning my own business in Artificially Inseminating cattle, or merely managing a ranch on my own. I want what I learn to be beneficial, that is why I am pursuing a degree in Animal Science.

Since the beginning, I have now taken eight agriculture classes and still going strong into this semester. At the end of this semester I will be graduating with an Associates in Agricultural Science with a degree of Animal Science will be striving to earn my Bachelors in Animal Science at the University of Wyoming this upcoming fall semester.

I have never been so happy about school in my entire life. I enjoy everything about my degree. I look forward to classes and learn something new each day. I can’t stress enough, how much Sheridan has blessed me. It certainly is not an investment gone to waste and only has enhanced my life and future.”
Andrea Hespen