College Corner


Sheridan College faculty and staff taking a personal approach to the educational experience, getting to know students names while helping them reach their goals. Whether you’re planning to join the workforce, complete your associate degree or certificate, transfer to pursue a higher degree, or take an enriching class, Sheridan College offers the ideal place to start. With an average class size of 14, Sheridan College* features a friendly learning environment that encourages innovation and fosters success. Sheridan College students interact with dedicated faculty in and out of the traditional classroom setting, engaging students while promoting exploration. In many cases, Sheridan College faculty members have built relationships with regional businesses and industries to ensure a high job placement rate.

Sheridan College prides itself in fulfilling its mission: “Creating student success through educational leadership” by offering dozens of A.A. and A.S. transfer degree options and more than 30 A.A.S degrees and certificates for students in applied and technical programs. A variety of learning opportunities are available for students through on-site courses, online learning, hybrid courses (combining the advantages of both deliveries), and self-directed learning courses that allow students to advance at their own pace.  Agreements with regional colleges and universities allow for ease of transfer as well as providing opportunities in several areas for students to complete advanced degrees while staying at Sheridan College. Your success is our goal!

We’re eager to meet you and to help you get started achieving your educational goals today.

*Sheridan College and Gillette College are members of the Northern Wyoming Community College District. All credits are awarded from the college district so students can take any class offered at either college.